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FFC 39: Jones Takes Step Towards FFC Heavyweight Belt

FFC 39 Quick Results: 135 lb MMA: Jerry Shapiro (5-2) def. Josh Wright (4-3) via TKO of Rd. 1 135 lb Boxing: Daquan Mays (3-0) def. Jose Ceja (1-4-1) via UD (40-36 3x) 145 lb MMA: Lou Radecki (4-1) def Justin Vasquez (2-1) via SUB (RNC) of Rd. 2 170 lb Kickboxing: Wallace Lopes (36-11) def Alan Scheinson (51-7) via UD (29-28 3x) Co-Main Event:185 lb MMA: Angel De Anda (18-6) v Gabriel Checco (10-4)  Rd. 1: Checco gets an early takedown, Gabriel starts landing nasty elbows from the top then starts to land hard punches from the top. He catches his breath and lands some more then back to hard elbows as the ref takes a close look. Checco postures up for harder elbows and punches and the ref is forced to stop the Bout. Gabriel Checco (11-4) def. Angel De Anda (18-7) via TKO of Rd. 1 (elbows) Main Event: HVY MMA: Jordan Powell (10-7) v Janelle Jones (8-5) Rd. 1: They both circle early on, Jones with a clinch and a heavy takedown. Jones postures up and lands some heavy punches from top position. Powell somehow stands up but eats more heavy leather as they break. Powells nose is busted up bad and his eye is swelling shut. Jones lands another hard take down and some nasty punches from the top and the round ends. Rd. 2: both combatants are moving slow and Powell lands a leg kick. Jones lands a left hook and drops Powell but he gets up quickly. Jones catches a kick and lands two hard punches then a body kick of his own. Jones lands a left jab then scores another takedown and Powells eye is almost completely closed. Jones lands some dirty boxing from the top and the round ends. Rd. 3: Powell lands a leg kick but falls to his back and Jones lands from the top again. Now Jones is in side mount and is catching his breath. Powell tried to get up but Jones takes his back. Powell makes his way to his feet and the pair separate, Powell lands a spinning back kick to Jones body and then a flying knee as the crowd comes alive. Jones catches a body kick but Powell lands a hard jab before Jones takes him down again. Both get to their feet and clinch as Jones is asking his corner how much time is left and is exhausted and to his luck the bell rings. Janelle Jones (9-5) def. Jordan Powell (10-7) via UD (29-27 3x)  Sent from my iPhone
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