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Triumphant Combat 8 Results

Photo fighting film actor Tony Jaa / Ong Bak.
Triumphant Combat 8 Full Rules Muay Thai Results: Rd. 1 Eric Watts v Conner Bracken Bracken lands a leg kick but Eric lands a barrage of leg kicks and straight punches. Robert lands a thigh kick and a right hook but eats a right hook. Rob lands a leg kick that drops Eric momentarily. The pair clinch on the ropes to end the round. Rd. 2 Robert lands a hard thigh kick and two overhand rights. Then another right and drops Watts. Eric lands a straight right but eats a knee from Robert that may have broken a rib. Watts is floored and can’t get up as the ref calls the fight off.  Conner Bracken via TKO Rd. 2 Crusierweight Title  Rd. 1 Andrew Webb v Jake Haas Webb leg kicks to start out then a head kick. He clinches for a body knee then had kick. Webb seems to be poring it on. Webb lands a body knee. Haas lands a straight right and an inside elbow. Jake lands another right and the pair clinch to end the round.  Rd. 2 Haas lands a body kick but Webb lands a left hook. Haas lands a spinning back elbow and an uppercut, Webb lands a knee to the chin and a body kick. Webb lands a body knee but eats a body straight punch.  Rd. 3 Haas lands a leg kick then a combo to Webbs head. Webb lands a leg kick then clinches and lands some punches. Webb lands a body knee then a body side knee and another. Webb lands a jab but eats one to end the round in a close fight.  Andrew Webb def. Jake Haas via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) MAIN EVENT: Alyshia Madison v Amber Lebrock Rd. 1 
Madison lands a flurry early and a body kick then a front kick to the body. Madison lands a right hook to Ambers face then another leg kick, another right hook lands for Madison. She continues to pepper Ambers face then a body knee in the clinch to end a dominate round. Rd. 2  Madison lands a right hook early and another. Now a left straight jab lands and another right hook backs up Amber. Amber lands a leg kick and another but eats another right hook. Madison lands a combo to end the round. Rd. 3 Madison lands a body kick and another. It almost seems like amber is just a sparring partner as her nose begins to bleed. Madison lands a body kick then a head kick. Then a left and right straight land and the round and fight come to an end. Alyshia Madison def. Amber Lebrock via UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) 
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