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Brock Lesnar Suspended For Doping & Mark Hunt Threatens Lawsuit After UFC 200 Loss

(Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE Wrestler)
The USADA confirmed that WWE and MMA legend Brock Lesnar had twice tested positive for 4-hydroxyclomiphene (commonly known as Clomifene) last year at UFC 200 (both in and out of the Octagon during mandatory pre and post drug testing.)  Clomifene is used as a fertility drug for women who have challenges with proper ovulation.  It is also listed as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency due to it’s performance enhancing benefits for male athletes. A provisional suspension was handed to Lesnar almost immediately after failing the drug tests in July but now it seems the penalties may include more sanctions, fines and a potential lawsuit from his competitor Mark Hunt.  After winning the fight by Unanimous Decision during his bout with Mark Hunt at UFC 200, the result was later changed to “No-Contest” by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  Having shared responsibility over the assurance that competition participants are kept clean and safe before and during a fight the NSAC also slapped Lesnar with a one year suspension and a $250,000 dollar fine last month as a consequence of the USADA findings. Now that the results of the tests are in it seems Lesnar and the UFC may be fighting a mutual opponent as the disgruntled Mark Hunt has threatened to file suit against both parties for unfair treatment and inadequate compensation for his overturned loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200.  It remains to be seen whether all parties will reach a settlement outside of court, though some are speculating that is indeed what may occur. Adding fuel to the PR fire that is plaguing the UFC after yet another doping incident is made public, both the USADA and the UFC are receiving widespread criticism over their handling of the entire affair.  The UFC had originally waived a 4 month testing requirement for fighters returning from retirement (which is indicated as operating policy in their anti-doping efforts) specifically for Mr. Lesnar as he was offered the fight only a month prior to the date of the event.  The UFC has a long history of making concessions and offering exceptions to stars like Lesnar, Jon Jones and others with often unfortunate consequences.  Incidents like these have often made fans question the sincerity of their commitments to fighter health, safety and fairness. As a result it is uncertain where Lesnar’s career in MMA will be headed, for now the athlete is still signed with the WWE and will be performing at the Royale Rumble event scheduled for January 29th.  Lesnar (5-3, 1 NC) crossed over to MMA from pro wrestling in 2007 allowing the former NCAA wrestling champion to win the UFC heavyweight title after just four professional fights. Recurring bouts of diverticulitis put a hold on his MMA career back in 2011 until he finally returned to the sport in 2016.
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