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Don Frye Bashes Lesnar and Luke Rockhold

Next to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame Don Frye appeared recently on Submission Radio, and among many other things, offered his reaction when he heard about Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt atUFC 200 on July 9. “Oh my god….. why?” he said. “Why – since Mark Hunt is going to destroy him. So it’s going to be such a fun fight to watch Mark kick his head off. So I’m looking forward to it.” “Mark’s an animal. Yeah he’s an animal. I mean, goddamn, he’s one of the better fighters walking the planet. You know and he’s got the strength and the speed and the skill, and s***, he’s like ten-foot-tall and bullet proof.” “I thought they were going to give him some fish. Who’s that pro wrestler that keeps bailing out of his fight all the time? Yeah, I mean, give him CM Punk (laughs) or somebody worse than that. But jeez, I gotta give it to Lesnar for accepting the fight. First you gotta step into the cage first, and then I’ll give the guy all the credit in the world just for being man enough to let that door close behind him.” Some fans were up in arms over USADA waiving the four month PED testing period for Lesnar, but Frye is not impressed with PED testing itself. “I think the whole drug testing thing is a bunch of bulls***,” said Frye. “I really do. I mean, come on. He’s doing something productive, he’s making money for the country, for himself. Criminy, when you got people on welfare and doing more drugs than the country can produce and they get a free ride, why are we punishing people who are productive citizens? Criminy, if he wants to do drugs, that’s his damn business. As long as he’s putting money into the country.” Frye is being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame almost exactly 20 years after fighting at UFC 10. The Predator was asked if he ever thought back then about an induction. “Hell partner, we all thought we were going to jail after the fights. We didn’t think this would be this big and they were going to have a Hall of Fame. Criminy, we were just happy to get a check that didn’t bounce.” “I’d like to thank Mr. White and the two Mr. Fertittas and everybody else who allowed me this privilege and I’d like to thank the fans, and it’s a hell of a sense of accomplishment. And shit, I tell you what, I haven’t felt this good in a long time, partner.” The happy Predator would also like to see Dan Henderson get a title shot at UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.
“What is he, 47 years old?” asked Frye. “And he knocked out somebody of Hector Lombard’s ability and skill level – Criminy, that’s bragging rights. They gotta give Dan a shot at the title before he gets too old to fight his way into the cage.” “I would like to see that fight very much, but there’s an old saying – the fighter becomes twenty-five percent better once they become the champion. And Bisping, he’ll prove that. He’ll be a much better fighter. And I think at this level in Henderson’s life, you know, Henderson just got a little old, a little slow, and Bisping’s peaking. So I put my money on Bisping.” Frye also discussed what went wrong for Rockhold. “You know, them boys down there at AKA are a bunch of dumbasses,” he said bluntly. “Someone doesn’t know how to train them or they don’t know how to train themselves. S***, they’re all hurt. They’re all hurt all the time. They pull out of more fights than they compete in. Somebody better walk in there and take control of the situation, cause they’re doing something wrong.” Frye had even harsher advice for Rockhold. “Find a new gym. Find a new trainer, you know, one that will protect you,” said Frye. “Get some new training partners, ones that will protect you. Back when I was competing, my training partners, they sacrificed their bodies for me to make sure I got to the fight unscathed. You know, I was healthy. If we were falling, they’d take the fall. If we’re sparring, they would taper back and they would take the punches. That’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s what training partners are paid to do.” Lastly, Frye reacted to the passing of Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson. “I was very sad,” he said. “I really did like Kimbo. Like I said, I met him five years or so ago in Texas and I was very impressed. The guy is a very nice, polite guy. Complete opposite of what you’d expect – and I don’t know if he wanted me to let that out the bag, you know, because he liked being a scary dude. But yeah, I was very sad when I heard that happened. I thought he was an outstanding human being and we lost another good person.”
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