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The Top 5 MMA Overhand Right KO’s

(Photo via espncdn.com)
An overhand right is a powerful mid-range punch thrown using your rear hand. It is thrown in a looping motion over your head and shoulder at the head of your opponent. It can be a tricky punch because it comes from the back, often times out of the opponent’s line of sight. While it can put you in a prime position for a counter punch, the following 5 overhand right KO’s are all the proof you need to know that it packs serious power. Here are the top 5 overhand right KO’s in MMA.
#5 Chuck Lidell vs. Alistair Overeem
Believe it or not, that is Alistair Overeem at middleweight. As part of the Pride Total Elimination Middleweight tournament, “The Ice Man” puts the hurt on “The Reem” for 3 minutes before the bell sounded. At 3:30, Alistair falls prey to Lidell’s famous barrage of fists. Despite shelling up in protection, Lidell came down hard with an overhand right that rocked Overeem and sent him to the ropes. It may not have been a one punch KO, but it opened the door for Lidell’s move for the kill on the K-1 kickboxer.
#4 Roy Nelson vs. Big Nog
Much Like Lidell, Roy “Big Country” Nelson is also a big fan of the power of the overhand right. Against Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira, Nelson feints with the jab three times before sizing up where he’s going to send the right home. Big Nog’s right hand is up to defend and counterss with a low jab before Nelson seals the deal with an overhand right perfectly on the button.
#3 Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez
Junior Dos Santos handed heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez the only loss of his professional MMA career. Junior Dos Santos is a lanky and fast-moving heavyweight. Just barely over one minute into the first round, he closed the distance fast and threw the overhand right around Velasquez’s left hand.
#2 Johny Hendricks vs. John Fitch
“Big Rigg” needed just 12 seconds to put away John Fitch. There’s not a whole lot your can say about Johny’s overhand left against Fitch other than it was delivered with textbook precision. He fended off one aggressive punching combination, came forward to size up the punch and took the win. Props to Steve Mazzagatti for good ground game form when Fitch woke up and thought he was still in the fight.
#1 Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef
Robbie Lawler takes the #1 spot for taking his fight against Melvin Manhoef with one equalizing punch. Manhoef is known for his punishing punches, but he puts on a perfect display of the power of leg kicks. At Strikeforce Miami, Manhoef tenderized Lawler’s lead leg so much that you can notice a serious limp in Lawler’s movement. Lawler did his best to stay to the outside and counter Manhoef’s attacks until he seized the opportunity to equalize at 3:40. Melvin left his left hand too low and Robbie snuck one over the top for a one punch KO.