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The Top 5 MMA Guillotine Choke Submissions

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Depending on the type, a guillotine choke uses the arms to constrict an opponent’s neck. The tight constriction of the arm cuts off air flow to the lungs or blood through the coratid arteries in the neck. The choke can be applied from a standing position by wrenching up on the opponent’s neck, but it is most commonly executed from guard position. It is the quintessential nap or tap neck crank, resulting in a tap submission or unconsciousness. These top 5 guillotines are just some of the many greats we’ve seen over the course of MMA history.
#5- Frank Mir vs. Chieck Kongo
Follwing his loss to Brock Lesnar for the unified heavyweight championship, Frank Mir had a lot riding on his first fight back from the title shot. At 2:05, the weigh in photo op does not go well when Kongo turns his back on Mir. In the first round of their fight at UFC 107, Mir landed a long reaching left hook that sent Kongo to the canvas. Kongo grabbed for Mir’s left leg to scramble out of ground and pound strikes, but Mir sunk his right arm in to defend. Kongo tried to stand Mir against the cage to fight the choke, but when his body went limp and the referee checked his arm for a response. Kongo was already out cold.
#4- Jon Jones vs. Jake O’ Brien
Jon Jones squared up with Jake O’ Brien at UFC 100 for his third fight in the organization. At 9:05, O’Brien changed levels to shoot in on Jones after a series of head kicks. Jones sprawled and sunk in an arm around O’Brien’s neck. Rather than pull guard for leverage on the guillotine choke, Jones pulled up on the arm to a standing position with his opponent hunched against the cage. Unable to fight out of the position, O’Brien was left with no way out but to tap to Jones.
#3-Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs. Tim Sylvia
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt “Big Nog” Noguiera really showed his ground game expertise against Tim Sylvia. He fought Sylvia with punches from half guard before getting a textbook sweep to side control. Sylvia tried to square up with Big Nog, but he was able to sink the left arm under and pull guard for the finish.
#2- Dan Miller vs. Dave Phillips
Dan Miller put a standing guillotine choke on Dave Phillips that screams for a chiropractic appointment. After hitting Phillips with ground and pound from side control, he circled around to a headlock position. Miller stood Phillips up against the ropes with a deep crank on the neck. He scrambled to find a way out of the choke until his lights went out from constriction.
#1- Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler
Shields and Lawler had a strong standing battle before Shields was pushed against the cage by Lawler. Working to defend from the Thai Clinch, Shields got back to meet Lawler in the center of the cage. When Lawler tried to press Shields back to the cage again, he slipped the right arm over Lawler when he neglected to keep his head up in the clinch. Lawler tried to stand up and out from the choke, but wasn’t able to escape from the hold.
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