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Inspired by UFC Champ Brother ‘Showtime,’ Sergio Pettis Looks to Showcase Well-Rounded Game

Image via Sergio Pettis Facebook

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis stunned the MMA world with a submission victory over Benson Henderson to win the lightweight championship at UFC 164. But he’s not the only Pettis in the family with an MMA pedigree.

Younger brother Sergio Pettis, 8-0, is the Resurrection Fighting Alliance flyweight champion, and he will battle James Porter in front of a hometown crowd in Milwaukee on Sept. 28, in a non-title NAFC fight.

“There’s always pressure going back to Milwaukee to fight,” Pettis said. “If I lose a fight, it could be a major setback in my career. But there’s a lot of momentum right now, and my brother really inspired me in his title fight. I feel like I’m close to my brother as far as skill set goes. He’s just a little bit more confident than me at this point. And now I just want to show that Sergio Pettis has his own set of skills.”

Pettis was in his older brother’s corner the night at UFC 164 and was surprised to see his brother submit Henderson. With the gold belt around the elder Pettis’ waist now, the younger sibling hopes to one day join Anthony in the octagonal realm.

“It was ridiculous. Honestly, I didn’t see my brother submitting [Benson] Henderson, either,” Pettis said. “I expected a knockout, but he’s so confident in his entire skill set. He made it look so easy. It was astonishing. It was very inspiring. He was so focused in camp, and it was awesome to see it pay off.

“We’re brothers, and we’re going to take each other to the top.”

In terms of what Pettis has in store for his upcoming fight, he said he wants to make people notice him with the arsenal he plans putting on display.

“I want to showcase my aggressiveness,” he said. “I want to come forward a lot more, as I am usually a counter-fighter. I also definitely would love to show off my Jiu-Jitsu. But no matter where the fight goes, I want to show off a well-rounded skill set.

“My brother is one of the best in the world, and people are going to expect me to do a lot of the same things he’s doing, including finishing fights. I want to fill that role as well. I train hard so I can finish fights like him. I want to fight my way into the UFC and get my belt.”