SciFighting’s mission is to bring a higher standard of fitness to both the professional athlete and general population through concise reporting on the latest trends in the science of fighting.  Our involvement in mixed martial arts spans both the professional and recreational realms of the sports.  In addition to reporting on the news in the industry we function as a think tank, researching new facets of combat science and developing new tools and techniques to analyze theoretical and practical applications.

As experts in general health, fitness, martial arts and other combat sports we often work with professional athletes to learn from and help improve their skill set.  Some of our staff routinely function as sparring partners for practice and conditioning prior to competition for various athletes.  How-ever what sets us apart is not only our cutting edge outlook on MMA conditioning and training but also the development and advocacy of advanced toolsets for instruction and communication with athletes to provide each individual with resources that meet their individual needs.

Our mission to improve the lives of our readers by educating them on methods for improving athletic performance or simply addressing general health, conditioning and fitness questions through comprehensive reporting is handled with extreme enthusiasm by all members of SciFighting.  Our team members are also active in the community offering lectures and seminars on general health and fitness, self defense and anti-bullying programs. In short, while we do believe in the benefits of combat sports on health and fitness, we like to keep the combat in the ring and insist our readers do so as well.

Finally as a testament to our name our leadership’s extensive experience in health and technology has allowed us to take novel approaches using advanced tools to improve our ability to effectively analyze and report on the science of combat sports.  We perform fitness assessments using the latest mobile technologies and use statistics tracking to quantify the impact of techniques in training, diet and competition.  We are constantly looking at the cutting edge of combat sports technology and continuously strive to keep our readers abreast of the latest changes in the industry!

Luca Rajabi

Chief Editor,

President & Founder, SciFighting, LLC.

Luca - Straight KickLuca has had a keen interest in martial arts and eastern philosophies since a very early age. Many who know him can say that he is a person that has beaten the odds. While at an early age Luca experienced many set backs due to inherently poor and inconsistent health he pushed forward to learn as much as he could (if not practically, then academically). Luca had a brief opportunity to study Tae Kwon Do in his early teens and upon reaching his 20′s, with the aid of friends, family and modern medical science, Luca’s keen attention to health and fitness finally paid off. Wasting no time he aggressively engaged in various athletic activities including combat sports. Starting with Fencing, then moving to Boxing and American Kickboxing.

While he has been a professional in the technology industry for over 12 years, consulting and working at the highest levels for some of the most recognized brands in consumer electronics and finance, since early 2006, Luca has also spent significant amount of personal time Body Building, Cross Training and recommencing his study and practice of Martial Arts. Luca is versed in Boxing, Muay Thai, Various Self Defense Techniques and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Luca Pensive With his extensive knowledge of technology and business Luca merged his passions with his experience and founded SciFighing with the simple mission to better people’s lives by improving health, mental acuity and athleticism through the use of specialized technology and physical training.

Although much of Luca’s time is spent focused on strategic direction for SciFighting as a cultural influence, managing business operations, advocating the health benefits of martial arts and assisting with the development of curriculum, he does train select private clients and from time to time assists with group instruction. His focus is on people with special needs, beginners, individuals with health challenges and those seeking to improve their lives through a change in behavior and philosophy. Luca Kicking

Much like Helio Gracie Luca has had significant experience in pushing his body to the limits in spite of any physical or health limitations. Luca’s belief is that a challenge is meant to be met head on and to that end any area that one sees as a limitation or flaw is merely an opportunity to accept a challenge and improve one’s self. This has kept Luca fighting throughout his life to better himself and through this extensive journey he has learned a great deal about health, medicine, technology, physiology, anatomy, psychology, diet and nutrition to which others can and will certainly benefit.

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Paul Maslak

Consulting Editor,

Paul Maslak - Linked-In Photo

Internationally respected for both integrity and evenhanded reporting, Paul Maslak ranks among the preeminent pioneer sports journalists on the professional martial arts ring scene. He advises SciFighting about editorial content and contributes feature articles.

Paul began his career as the first national newsstand editor of Inside Kung-Fu and KICK Illustrated magazines as well as author of Strategy in Unarmed Combat and What the Masters Know. In 1980, with the assistance of reference book author John Corcoran, he created the STAR (Standardized Tournaments And Ratings) System World Ratings for Professional Kickboxing. The STAR Ratings quickly became – almost unintentionally – the global gold standard for matchmakers throughout the decade of its publication.

Concurrently, Paul wrote the Official Rules of the World Kickboxing Association, that introduced muaythai low kicks (“leg kicks”) to the American ring, and he served as the ratings commissioner for two of the sport’s three major sanctioning bodies at the time, WKA and KICK. He also syndicated a compendium sports column with the STAR Ratings that appeared in 15 newsstand magazines worldwide.

Paul on setThe STAR Ratings eventually brought Paul to the attention of action movie star Jackie Chan whose producer, in turn, hired him as the martial arts casting director on New World Pictures’ theatrical release, No Retreat No Surrender. In this capacity, Paul helped give film industry entrée to Jean-Claude Van Damme, Cynthia Rothrock, Kurt McKinney and Ernie Reyes, Jr. Thereafter, he pursued a successful career as a cable-TV producer on more than a dozen motion pictures, including The Right Temptation starring Kiefer Sutherland and Rebecca DeMornay, Kiss Toledo Goodbye starring Christopher Walken, Sworn to Justice starring Cynthia Rothrockand Red Sun Rising starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson. He recently produced and co-hosted the historic East-meets-West fight retrospective The Champion’s Last Strike: Don “The Dragon” Wilson versus Fanta Petchmuangtrat available on YouTube.

Paul graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science followed by film school at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). His martial arts background includes high school varsity wrestling, YMCA/PAL boxing, judo (green belt), taekwondo (brown belt), Shorin-ryu karate (black belt) and Northern Shaolin kung-fu.

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Josh Molina

Combat Sports Journalist,

Josh MolinaJoshua Molina is an award-winning journalist who has worked for a variety of media publications, including the San Jose Mercury News, where he covered San Jose City Hall.

Molina has covered MMA since 2007 and previously worked for Strikeforce as a staff writer. Molina enjoys reporting and blogging about MMA and pro wrestling, and often the convergence of the two.

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Aaron Portier

Combat Sports Journalist,

Aaron Portier Highly passionate MMA Journalist jumping off the sinking ship of print media and looking to build interest in the sport of MMA in the public eye. Every event has a story, every fight can be hyped.

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Bryanna Fissori

Fitness, Training & Legal Columnist,

Bryanna Fissori - Full

Bryanna (Pink Ranger) Fissori is a bantamweight MMA fighter based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally from California, she has called the island of Oahu home for a number of years and holds two amateur championship belt titles there.

Fissori holds a degree in law and has been working as a professional journalist for over a decade. Her emphasis is in health, business and legal analysis. Her knowledge of the sport, coupled with her cage experience and educations makes her a credible source and she is excited to share her knowledge.

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