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New Heavyweight Prospect Emerges at Real MMA 18

Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, NV played host to the 18th installment of the Real MMA promotion. The final three bouts on the card were professional contests and the results are as follows:
135lb (Bantamweight) Bout

Soslan Abanokov (5-3-1)  def. Justin Hughes (3-4) via UD

Rd. 1: A lot of circling early and Justin shoots for a takedown but to no avail. Soslan throws spinning back kicks but misses, almost just to show that they’re in his arsenal. Soslan eats a jab and Justin shoots once more but again Abanokov fights him off. Justin lands a spinning back kick and a leg kick then shoots and finally secures his first take down. Soslan gets back to his feet quickly and secures a takedown of his own. Hughes up fast as well and the pair end the round in a clinch.
Rd. 2: the pair open the round exchanging kicks but Soslan lands a few effective left hands on Hughes. The pair clinch and Soslan lands a hard knee to the body along the cage and another before backing off. Then Soslan lands another left and Hughes shakes it off but not before Soslan scores another takedown. Hughes lands a leg kick, but soslan answers with a spinning back kicks. Justin again lands a leg kick and scores a takedown of his own right at the bell
Rd. 3: another leg kick from Justin early and again, soslan lands a right to the body along the cage but eats another leg kick and again as redness forms on Soslans thigh and he shoots and secures a takedown. The pair clinch along the cage and Soslan lands a knee inside before they break up. Soslan scores another takedown and as justin starts to stand Soslan attempts a standing guilltine that he transitions into another takedown. Justin makes his way to his feet to end the round and fight.
145lb (Featherweight) Bout
Ray Ostrander (3-7) def. Wladimir Martinez (0-2) via TKO Rd. 2
Rd. 1: The pair exchange furiously early before Vladimir pulls guard, Ray lands some punches from the top then lands a series of rights then a couple of lefts and a few elbows to follow up, Ray attempts to pass but finds himself back in full guard then finally gets full mount and begins to rain down punches and elbows until round 1 ends.
Rd. 2: Vladimir lands a body kick but is clinched quick and taken right back down by Ray. Ostrander lands more punches and elbows from the top but Martinez turns him over and gets top control but Ray gets control again and gets mount and rains down heavy punches until the ref waves off the fight.
205lb + (Heavyweight) Bout
Anslemo Gutierrez (3-0) def. Billy Martin (9-18) via TKO Rd. 1
Rd. 1: Anslemo lands a hard takedown early and lands a barrage of shots before entering Billy’s guard but Guttierez gets Billy’s back quickly, flattens Martin out and pounds him from the sides of his head before the red calls a stoppage just a minute into the bout.
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