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Stripper Goes on Rant of WWE Superstar

WWE CEO, Triple H

A stripper named ‘Queen Bee’ on twitter recently went on a rant regarding her alleged experience with WWE superstar Enzo Amore at her place of work. The woman’s location is listed as Buffalo, NY which is where WWE held a live event Friday night


“He kept talking about how cool he was and gave his boy a little money to tip. We had a really forced convo because he was high af (‘only a $2500 fine’) and was looking for a girl to take home! I dont smoke at all or drink alcohol a lot so i said no. He said just come watch…. creep alert. He was enamored with all of the black girls butts. Clearly i tried to bank off that. He got a couple spanks and ‘showered’ me with about $10 in singles even tho he kept telling me how famous and rich he was.. I just kept thinking if youre so famous how come i never heard of you? I didn’t say it cuz i still wanted money off him. I thought about whay we had in common… former huge #wwf fan of 80s-90s and the attitude era (me)talking #wwe enzo. Kinda cool i guess.. I asked for a pic just for myself to show friends (i dont hv a lotta ppl knowinf my profession so i dont post all that) he said too famous. I agreed and said ‘true you dont wanna get tmz’d’ he said it happens a lot @tmz 👀👀👀. He kinda got cool and the conversation got natural. Then he said ‘the whore on stage is really earning her money’… wouldnt get up to tip. Whore? She had a whole rich famous star (?) She never met or heard (she was on stage) calling her a whore… ew… rude. So i still try. It was 330a. I wanted to hit my $1k goal i was a couple hundred short. Surely this #wwe dude had it? He kept saying he did. He told me i was the total package. Face. Body. Personality. Yay! Am i securing the bag? Then Enzo said its a shame i dont smoke 😑 ok i move the convo to common ground. ‘Actually growing up i wanted to be a #wwfDiva so bad’. ‘How did you get into it?’ He pointed at himself. ‘Look at me. Im a rockstar. I got the look’ 😐😐😐. Then Enzo says ‘yeah a lot of my #wwe coworkers definitely started on the pole for sure’… i told him i had to talk to thr dj and bounced.

Seriously if youre so rich and famous why are you so lonely to find a girl to WATCH you smoke. Isnt p***y being thrown at you? He was proud to show me his blue checkmark on instagram 😂😂😂. His local buddy that i knew thru a few friends appologized for him. Im used to people looking for take home girls and attentiom BUT A ‘STAR’. Enzo u wack af. Thanks for the $10. Im gonna go get breakfast 😘. He just seemed full of him self and stingy. You go to the club to ball.. at least spend… not talk about ur money! Spend it! We neef it lol. He literally said that verbatim about the $2500 fine for smoking. Why brag about money in a gentlemens club tho? Just getting girl attn. How am i costinf him his job. All i know is i didnt like his attitude so…. Cuz i get no kinda gain picking this lie to tell. He was in buffalo for work. Stayed the holiday inn. He had a mutual friend that was local. I learnes about him when the dj told me go out n talk to him… and from his apparently HUGE fanbase this morning. He said he was in town for work. I guess that there was a wwe event? Which explains why the club was DEAD. I woulda stayed home.”

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