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Bodybuilder Calls Out Jinder For Possible Steroid Use


Nick Miller, a natural bodybuilder who regularly offers information and tips regarding professional bodybuilding, has posted a video on his official YouTube channel detailing why WWE should test current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal for steroid usage.

More specifically, Miller laid out the following three reasons:

–“Mahal’s extreme vascularity followed by an ‘extreme almost unreasonable level’ of low body fat and leanness from match to match.”

–“The dramatic transformation of Jinder Mahal’s previous body shape to what he looks like today.”

–“The likeness of Mahal having gynecomastia, a condition caused by a hormonal imbalance or, elevated estrogen levels from possibly not recovering correctly from a steroid cycle.”

Miller also pulled up WWE’s official Wellness Policy on the company’s website, which shows the entire list of anabolic androgenic substances that are banned. Miller explains that Mahal could have used any of these substances to transform his body, despite the fact that they are banned under the WWE Wellness Policy. He also read from the second paragraph, which lays out the definitions of symptoms, signs, behaviors, etc. which are known to accompany the usage of substances that are banned.

Miller then highlighted a portion of section 8A of the WWE Wellness Policy, which states that the company can test any of its talent at any time if they have reasonable suspicion of illegal substance usage:

“Reasonable Suspicion. WWE may require WWE Talent to submit to a test or tests, including, without limitation, urine, blood, saliva, hair, and/or breath tests, if there exists reasonable suspicion that a WWE Talent has violated any part of this Policy or has diminished ability to perform as a result of using any prohibited substance”

Concluding his video, Miller stated that, based on how the WWE Wellness Policy is laid out, he feels that Mahal should be tested for steroid usage. As previously reported, Mahal has repeatedly denied violating WWE’s Wellness Policy and has credited his recent body transformation to extreme dieting and not drinking alcohol.

Check out the video from Miller below:

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