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Cody Garbrandt to Street Fight Bodybuilder?


Matthew Kline Kader, a professional bodybuilder, has bought a plane ticket and is traveling to the home of UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt.

On Thursday, MMA Imports reported on Garbrandt giving the bodybuilder his home address and inviting him to come fight him. Garbrandt even offered to buy his plane ticket.

Garbrandt invited Kader to his home after Kader had insulted the champion due to him suffering from a back injury and having to withdraw from an upcoming title defense against former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw.

Since then, Kader has actually bought a plane ticket and plans to take Garbrandt’s offer.

“I’m gonna show up to his gym with a camera crew and prove he’s a (expletive)! He made the biggest mistake of his life. That’s a promise,” Kader tweeted.

Kader then posted a photo of his plane ticket showing how serious he is.

“Ok mother (expletive) I just called out ur bluff. See you June 25 u little (expletive). U called out the wrong dude, i’m from the streets,” Kader tweeted at the UFC champion.

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  • John1927

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    I saw a few seconds clip of him hitting the heavy bag…his punching is 💩💩
    Cody would brutalize this keyboard queer.
    If he shows up somebody might sucker punch him in the parking lot.
    He would have to land a solid haymaker to do anything and he won’t.
    Diareah mouths like this clown Kader need to be busted up and left bloodied to be made an example of.
    I detest a mirror muscle maggot believing he can actually beat an MMA champ.
    There are guys who don’t compete just train that would make Kader wear bloomers.
    And to think he challenged Hunt 😅
    Cody give him his 30 seconds of fame.
    Beat his ass, choak him out and let him lay in his 💩 and vomit.
    When he comes to, make him clean the gym with his clothes.
    Better yet, tell Kline that if he loses you and the Alpha Male team get to bang his girlfriend and when you guys are done force Kader to perform felacio on her used body parts.
    Teach this jo a lesson.
    Just my 2 cents!