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Bisping vs GSP Most Likely “Completely Off”


UFC welterweight G.O.A.T. Georges St-Pierre spent a year negotiating a return to the league, after taking time off since his last fight, which was in 2013. Finally on 3/1/2017 St-Pierre’s return was made official and it was announced he was fighting Michael Bisping for the title. Earlier this month he announced that he would be ready to fight, after October.

UFC president announced the Bisping fight was off. It was widely believed that White’s statement was a negotiating tactic, but on a recent Believe You Me podcast, Bisping said he thinks it really is off. As he is recovering from a knee injury and cannot fight immediately, he expect there will be an Interim title fight, something else White said was likely in the offing.

“I know they’re trying to move on from the GSP fight,” said Bisping, as transcribed by Jed Meshew for MMA Fighting. “From my understanding, it looks like the GSP fight isn’t happening. I’ve yet to have a discussion with them about this. From my understanding, Georges still wants to fight me and I still want to fight Georges. So this is what I want to know: I want to know what the problem is. If the UFC have moved on, they got tired of waiting, whatever. But to my understanding, the fight was never gonna really happen in July anyway. I heard that from some sources right at the start. They said, ‘we’re hoping for July 8th but it’s probably not gonna be that.’

“Now they’re saying they want to do a fight in July and my knee isn’t gonna be ready in July. [St-Pierre] wasn’t gonna be ready until October, November. So to me, that plays perfectly but I know the UFC wants me to fight and they’re saying if I can’t fight that they’re gonna do an interim title fight.”

“I’m assuming that they’re probably gonna do an interim title fight but I’ve got to speak to Dana. . . Probably Whittaker vs. Yoel, if I were the matchmakers, that’s what I’d do. Whittaker, we all know this, he’s on an absolute tear. I’ve got nothing against Robert Whittaker. Fine young man, great fighter, fights hard, got a lot of respect for him. Can’t say the same about Yoel. Yoel is certainly not on my Christmas card list. We all know my thoughts on him. He’s a scumbag, he’s a cheat, and that’s that. So if they do fight I, hope Whittaker beats the brains out of him.”

Bisping still holds out some hope for the fight with GSP.


“It probably isn’t happening but let’s not give up all hope,” he said. “It’s not done. We’re gonna have the conversation, I’m gonna put my best foot forward that I should still fight GSP. That is my objective. When I speak to Dana, I’m gonna say ‘Dana, I feel like you owe me this fight.’ We had a deal. I fought everybody they put in front of me my whole career, I’ve been a soldier for the organization, so we’ll see what happens.”

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