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Will Hulk Hogan Ever Return to WWE?

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During a recent interview with Cerrito & 5 Starr, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart took the opportunity to discuss Hulk Hogan. Among the topics discussed were what Hogan has been up to lately and his potential future with WWE.

Below are highlights:

What Hogan Has Been Up to Lately

“Well first of all The Hulkster has been great, we were in LA a couple of weeks ago for a couple of shows. Then we went to San Francisco for a couple of shows and a business meeting. I went to Las Vegas Cauliflower Alley for the WWE of course, but Hulk is doing great. He has his Clearwater beach shop doing phenomenal down in Clearwater Beach, and he just opened a brand new one he’s been working on for two years. We finally got the okay and the building done, fixed it up unbelievable right at WrestleMania time. It’s doing great up in Orlando right now. But we’ve got a couple of great projects that Hulk has been working on that we’re gonna let the whole world know about in a couple of months. One of them might be an overseas major tour with some of the Superstars. You see how The Rock does those big bus tours? We’re gonna grab one of those big buses over there and hit five or six cities during a week, come back home for a month, go back – maybe Australia, maybe Germany, maybe England, and kind of do that. So many of the fans have asked Hulkster to come back over there, but we’ve never really done a Q&A, we’ve never really done autographs, we’ve never done a ton of merchandise over there. So we’re in the process of working some things out. There’s a lot of great things happening with The Hulkster.”

If Hogan Will Ever Return to WWE

“You never say never on anything. I know there has been a lot of people I thought would never ever return to the WWE, but for some reason – It’s like Triple H always says ‘We’re gonna do what’s best for business.’ You never know what might happen but I know Hulk still loves the WWE and everyone up there, like me too, and I’m grateful to still be doing stuff with them and doing stuff with the Hulkster.”

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