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Jon Jones’s Coach Calls Out Dana White


Jon Jones may be the MMA G.O.A.T. but unfortunate aspects of his character spilled over into his professional life with a frequency such that if history is a guide, we will never find out. Right now, UFC president Dana White judged his reliability such that he won’t make Jones the main event of a PPV card. That stance was taken after UFC 200, which was intended to be the biggest show in league history. Unfortunately, Jones took a contaminated, bootleg erectile dysfunction drug, and was pulled from the card just days before showtime.

Jones may make his return with a title shot vs. Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 on July 29. Jones’s manager, Malki Kawa appeared recently on The MMA Hour and said the non-main event status would not affect Jones’ income, and argued that as Jones intended no hard, White’s stance is “ridiculous.”

“It’s the funniest thing ever,” said Kawa, as transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. for MMA Mania. “Listen, to be honest with you, it’s funny and my personal opinion, I think it’s ridiculous because at the end of the day, I mean, yes he missed out on UFC 200, and I think the whole situation behind it was stupid and ridiculous.”

“Listen, I always look at everything people do with intent, so if somebody intends to do something, to harm someone, then that makes that person messed up. Jon didn’t intend to cancel UFC 200. Listen, we are all sitting here everyday training, cutting weight. We find out Wednesday or Thursday before the fight and no one wanted that to happen.”

“Remember, Cormier got hurt one time. Jon got hurt once, he had a situation with his knee and it got postponed, it happened. Then he fought, It was time for the rematch and then Cormier got hurt and it got postponed. Then after that, Jon had the whole UFC 200 thing.”

“So, at the end of the day, when [Dana White] says ‘I can’t trust him,’ look, I understand what you’re saying from your end because you’re upset, pissed off and I get it, but it is what it is. But from our end, if you think you’re going to sell better by saying Jon Jones is a co-main event or it protects you better, then you got to do what you got to do. It doesn’t affect us one way or another financially, he is still going to get pay-per-view points, his money and none of that matters.”

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