Home Entertainment First JBL, Now HBK Being Accused of “Bullying” Too?

First JBL, Now HBK Being Accused of “Bullying” Too?


Jim Cornette recently spoke about the Mauro Ranallo & JBL “bullying” situation on his podcast, “The Cornette Experience”.  Cornette explained how he does not understand how this situation even got this far and a situation he had of his own with WWE Legend Shawn Michaels.

“I just don’t understand how it got this far or got to this level without somebody intervening, You know, bless Mauro, if you take a guy over in the corner and say, ‘look you may not know it, but I’m getting pissed cause you’re fu***** with me and it’s not cool and we’re gonna have a situation.”

“Now in the old day that would have meant that Mauro’s probably gonna get the s*** kicked out of him. Because there would have been no other recourse because wouldn’t gonna whip Bradshaw. But today with the litigious society that we have. Bradshaw’s got a lot of money and he’s not gonna wanna get sued for beatin’ up Mauro Ranallo.”

“Did Mauro ever tell him, ‘Bradshaw this is bothering me, stop it.’ Or did he say, ‘Bradshaw this is bothering me, stop it and I can’t whip ya so else-wise I’m gonna have to take a baseball bat to your fu***** kneecap?’”

Cornette then spoke about a time when Shawn Michaels was being verbally abusive towards him and how he handled the situation:

“I remember the time Shawn Michaels yelled at me and Jose Lothario in Anaheim in the locker room cause our little fight between the two managers took the tension away from him and Vader he thought and instead of taking us over in the corner, he yelled at us. Not only me, but Jose, the guy who trained him right out in front of the boys. So I went and told Jack Lanza, I said: ‘look here, next time he talks to me that way in front of the boys you’re gonna have a three-foot-tall fu***** WWF Champion cause I’m gonna fu***** take a baseball bat and I’m gonna f******kneecap him.’”

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