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Rampage Has More “Regrets” Ahead of King Mo Rematch

UFC 186

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson recently said his biggest regret in mixed martial arts was ever starting it. The fighter said he barely knows his family now, and wishes he had stayed in Memphis and worked in the family construction business. At the Bellator 175 pre-fight press conference Jackson said his remarks had been used for some click bait titles, but that he does, in fact, regret becoming a professional fighter.

“Man, half the time when you do interviews, you get negative people in the world who want to spin words and get clickbait, or just get people to listen to their interviews,” he said, as transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti for MMA Fighting. “It’s hard being in the public eye when you just keep it real,” Jackson said Wednesday. “The guy asked me, on the spot, what was my biggest regret about doing MMA, and I thought about my family. I left everything back in Memphis and I moved to California. I left everything. My family, my car, my job, everything, and I left and moved to California by myself.

“My little sister was eight when I left, and I was very close to my little sister. I helped raise her. I used to change her Pampers, help her with schoolwork, take her to school, do all of that stuff. And now she’s a grown woman. I put her through college and everything, and she’s working and stuff, and I don’t know my sister anymore. I don’t know my family. So I just kept it real. The only thing I said, I wish I would’ve stayed home with my family. I would’ve been close to them.

“Since I’ve been a fighter, I’ve been screwed out of millions of dollars by managers and people pretending to be friends. When I was champion, I had a lot of fake friends around me. And as soon as I lost the belt, where did they go? My family, they’re always there. They always tell me they miss me and they’re proud of me. So I just wish I would’ve stayed home in Memphis and been with my family, the people who like me.”

“People don’t understand me. They don’t know why I am the way I am. They don’t know why I joke around so much. They don’t know me. People always assume that I’m something different than what I’m not. They always that I’m bragging or I’m boasting. My family understands me because they like me, and I just miss them. And if I would’ve stayed home in Memphis, I wouldn’t have known about having all this money and having all these fans. I wouldn’t have known anything about it.

“I would’ve been a construction worker, just like the rest of my family, and happy. And that’s all I said. But you’ve got negative people that spin it and take it out of context, and it gets annoying sometimes when people do that. So, I just kept it real, like I always do. I keep it real. You ask me a question, I’m going to give you the honest, most real answer I can possibly give you.”

Rampage fights  Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal in the main evnt of Bellator 175 on Friday. Jackson expressed respect for his opponent, and vowed to do his job.

“The way the world is now, so many negative people, I don’t think that fighters get as much respect from the fans as we should, so I respect all the fighters,” he said. “But, sometimes King Mo’s mouth gets him in trouble, and I’m going to have to kick his ass this weekend.”

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