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TNA Ref Gives Scoop on “How Bad Things Were”


Impact Wrestling Referee Brian Hebner recently appeared on The Rick Diamond show to discuss a number of topics including his thoughts on the new administration running Impact Wrestling and how bad things got with the old. Please credit (WrestlingNewsSource.com) for the transcript.


“I am approving of the new administration in TNA. I AM 100% this is the energy drink, the boot, the rockets that we needed “behind us. We needed people in place to take care of what needs to be taken care of as far as running a wrestling company. The other regime wasn’t a wrestling minded regimes. Right now, we have in place and probably they’ll still put in place is going to be phenomenal and is already phenomenal. There’s so many aspects and so many jobs that need to be filled to run a whole wrestling company and Jeff’s mind and the people he knows he will fill different positions where they need to be somebody there that knows what the hell they’re doing. That simply wasn’t the case with the old regime and that was one of the major problems and major hold back with a lot of what went wrong. Jeff’s mind is irreplaceable. Just very smart for the business. A no nonsense guy which is a good thing. You need somebody that when you mess up that there will be answers to have to pay and I think for years that went by the wayside. What’s happening to us right now is the best thing that could ever happen to us in my opinion.”


“Personal agendas maybe? I don’t know. Maybe they cared more about themselves being stars than their own stars that they needed to have stars. I’m not sure. I don’t know. The energy level that needed to be focused on to make this product bigger and better and moving forward than where we were just wasn’t there and til now it looked like it was never going to happen”


“It was bad. But the thing that made it worse as far as money goes. I didn’t see how not running live events and things of that nature that help generate money we’re cut. Because then of course your company’s not going to make money. Those are the things that kind of like, in my opinion, was the problem with not generating money. A couple of things here and there but nothing major”

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