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John Cena, Undertaker Match Off For WrestleMania

(Undertaker, photo via fansided.com)

The planned Undertaker vs. John Cena matchup for Wrestlemania is off the table, according to multiple news reports. The WWE has been attempting to book Cena vs. Taker for the past two years at the biggest show of the year. It looks as though the match is off the book again.

While the match had originally been envisioned as somewhat of a nostalgia contest between two legends who have never wrestled at Wrestlemania, both The Undertaker and Cena have experienced a re-emergence of their characters, back into top spots in the company.

So that means The Undertaker and Cena will likely be in separate high-profile matches. WWE fans are speculating about who they will wrestle, but right now The Undertaker is rumored to be winning the Royal Rumble.

Will he face Roman Reigns at the big show? Cena might win the Smackdown title against AJ Styles, which could set up a monster rematch, or possibly a match against Samoa Joe, who is rumored to be called up from NXT.

Here’s Cena from last week’s Smackdown Live, where he pinned Baron Corbin.