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Mark Hunt vs Alistair Overeem For UFC 209


UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt’s last three opponents each ran afoul of doping regulations immediately after a fight with ‘The Super Samoan’.

Hunt and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva had what is likely the greatest heavyweight fight in UFC history. Then the draw was turned to a No Contest when Silva tested for elevated testosterone. Hunt recently won a rematch handily.

Then Hunt knocked out Frank Mir in the first. Mir later failed a doping test, which he attributed to eating kangaroo in Australia. This is improbable as kangaroos for eating are hunted in the wild.

Most recently, Brock Lesnar failed a PED test before fighting Hunt, but the results came late, as Lesnar had been given an exemption from the usual waiting period. The self-described “jacked white boy” vowed to get to the bottom of it and looked at contaminated foot cream as a potential source of the failure. Lesnar was recently suspended for a year.

Hunt was understandably Hulk-smash furious and hired an attorney, Christina Denning, to try to get anti-doping regulations tightened up further. Hunt wants whatever part of the fighter’s purse is taken away for the test failure to go to the aggrieved fighter rather than to the regulatory or testing body.

However, Hunt and the UFC have apparently come to terms, as FOX Australia reports that he will fight Alistair Overeem

Overeem is coming off a title shot loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 203 in September but had a four-fight win streak prior to that. Specific to Hunt’s concerns, in 2009 Overeem failed a PED test, and was suspended for just nine months. ‘Reem will undoubtedly be tested extensively for this fight. It is not impossible that Hunt got the contract requirement he demanded – PED test fail fines go straight to the aggrieved fighter.

“My clause will protect me in this instance and take the financial gain of the opponent of caught cheating,” wrote Hunt on his social network previously. “That deterrent will protect me and other fighters. I’m pushing for this clause, I want to fight and I am ready. If the fight doesn’t go ahead it’s not my doing. I will not fight without this clause. I’ve already fought 3 dopers in a row and I’m not going to fight again without security. All I want is a fair go and an even playing field.”

Let’s hope he got it and gets a level playing field.

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