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Wand Makes a Long List of Fighters He’d Like to Face


Submission Radio‘s European correspondent Alan Murphy, recently spent time with Wanderlei Silva. The Axe Murder has a list of naughty and nice fighters he wants to crush. It includes Cro Cop; the pair had a fight scheduled for the Grand Prix.

“I had an injury this year and my recovery not going too fast,” he said. }I was supposed to fight in that situation but my doctors didn’t give me the license for me in Brazil, they don’t give permission for me to fight. And the guys think it’s better for me waiting to fight next year.”

“I wanna fight against him when I’ll be 100 percent. I’m not gonna fight with a guy like that with like a 50 percent of my condition. To beat him I need to be one hundred percent. I’m gonna have a great show against him, a great fight.”

The list also includes Chael Sonnen (“No, no, no, no, no,” not a friend).

“He’s on my list,” said Wand. “My list is a touch longer. This is one of the biggest rivalries in the whole world. I need to give the show for the fans and I need to kick his ass. For sure. Just wait. Now I’m gonna be ready for everyone. Don’t worry. Just keep your name, grab your name, grab your coach and wait for me. Sonnen is the first one.”

“I wanna fight against Rampage again. I wanna fight against Tito. I wanna fight against Mirko. I wanna fight against the biggest names and make good fights for my fans. Fedor’s on the list. Of course. I wanna try myself with the best guys in the world. I don’t know why, nobody offered this fight for me, to fight against Fedor when I was in my best times. Nobody talked. Never. I don’t know why. But I know we still can have a good match with each other.”

Wandelei also discussed the sale of the UFC for $4,000,000,000 to WME-IMG and the recent debut of the MMAAA, the latest group seeking to organize fighters.

“I don’t know why the guys don’t give a piece of the company for us,” he said. “Four billion is a lot of money, we can give like the people help to build that brand need to have a piece of that. But the guys don’t send a checl for me. No problem. Like what these guys did on the video game. The guys gave like 5,000, 10,000 (to the fighters). The guys made like 300 million for the video game and they no share nothing. This is bad because all the cake is just for the big guys. The fighters just fighting for the small piece. But that’s the life. We need to make the new time for the fighters, because everybody’s rich, just the fighters that are still poor. It’s tough.”

“We need to have a federation that takes care of us because now, the guys at my age, we start to retire. And I’m so glad, thank God I saved my money, because nobody knocked on my door and is asking if I need anything. But I hear some big names, some good names, some guys don’t have money to take care of themselves, to pay for the injuries. We saw some guys with problems with their head, some guys with problems with the body and nobody cares about these guys. We need somebody because the guys sold their event for four billion, and we have some guys who don’t have money to pay for their injuries. Somebody needs to take care about us.”

“Of course I want to join the association. I want to join and I want to help and give support, because I hope the new fighters have more support than us.”

“The truth, the fair needs to be fifty-fifty minimum. Because this company last year made 600 million and the guys take off the sponsors for the fighters. How these guys can live? If we want to fight three fights a year, we can’t live. And I saw a lot of guys with names, especially in Brazil, go back to class, back to work in the nightclubs. We’re going to the opposite. We don’t go up, we go down. Because when you make a fighter poor, he doesn’t have money to take care of himself, doesn’t have money to pay for supplements, to pay good coach. The quality of the fighters is going down. We lost. Everybody lost. We need to have better conditions for the fighters.”

“I like how [Bellator] treat me over here. I haven’t fought here yet, but the promoters take care of us, respect us, and for me, offered really good money. I like it and I hope everybody has the same conditions. One of the most things that I like for Bellator, was we had an event in Florence, and the guys gave a lot of opportunities to the local guys, to the new guys. Because you open your event for somebody who doesn’t have a name, and Bellator is building the names and they take care of us. I like it. Thanks so much. Good job Bellator.”

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