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Cejudo Claims He Was “Robbed”


Judge Marcos Rosales scored every round 10-9 for Cejudo. With the one point deduction, that was 29-27 for Cejudo.

Judge Glenn Trowbrige scored every round 10-9 for Benavidez. With the one point deduction, that was 30-26 for Benavidez.

Judge Derek Cleary scored Round 1 for Cejudo, and Rounds 2 and 3 for Benavidez. With the one point deduction, that was 29-27 for Benavidez.

Even without the one point deduction, Benavidez would have won. But during an appearance in Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, Cejudo said he was robbed.

“I watched the fight in the early morning because I couldn’t go to sleep, and yeah, man, I have no idea, I’m really surprised,” said Cejudo, as transcribed by Danny Segura for MMA Fighting. “I don’t know what the judges saw. I counted every round all the significant strikes, and I feel like it was just a complete robbery, man. It’s a shame.”

“You know it’s bad when uncle Dana calls you to apologize for the judges. It happened yesterday [Sunday]. I sent Dana a text saying thank you for the opportunity, I fought like a warrior last night, I hope it was entertaining. He called me literally like two seconds right after I sent the text message, and he was like, ‘Listen, Henry. I apologize. I’m sincerely sorry, you won that fight, everybody that I talked to, Sean Shelby said you won that fight, everybody that was ring side, there is not one person in that arena that thought you shouldn’t won that fight’. It was just a sincere apology and it says a lot because I don’t really have a relationship with Dana White. I just happen to text him and yeah, he was apologetic man.”

“I didn’t mean to kick him on the balls. As much as I didn’t like Joe, as much as he’s not a fan of me and I’m not a fan of him, you know, it was unintentional. I think with the whole switching of the stance kind of confuses people, so sometimes I think I caught him midway through. I think the kick might have slipped up from his thigh and into his crotch area, but yeah, that whole one-point deduction you rarely see it in MMA, and I was a special case. But even with that, Ariel, watching the fight I still felt like I won that fight. I dropped him twice that first round, I got the most significant strikes, it definitely looked to either [be a] win or at least have the round even. And then second and third, I was the aggressor the whole fight.”

“It sucks. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve learned that I just have to take my own advice: rather than just becoming bitter, I got to become better. And I’ve been doing MMA for three and a half years and I don’t think people realize, I’m able to pick up with proper coaching, good training partners, I have the best style to defeat the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world – Demetrious Johnson. I’m only getting better, my time is clicking, I don’t even necessarily see this as a loss.”

“I think as a fighter, people know, people have an idea when they think they’ve lost, and I don’t feel that. I just feel robbed, man. Especially when some of his teammates and some of his fans, like Brandon Moreno came up to me and was like, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, dude. You won that fight.’ His training partners in his corner, I heard T.J. Dillashaw said the same thing, and I think Eric Shelton thought I won that as well. I don’t know how much of that stuff is true, but when you got people that close that train with him and saw the fight, and they thought that I probably got the victory, you know, they shouldn’t be saying stuff like that, but that just shows you that I did enough to win the fight.”

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