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Why Goldust v Stardust at Wrestlemania Never Happened

(WWE spaceman "Stardust")
Former WWE superstar and two-time Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes made an appearance on the online podcast Wrestling With Wreget. Rhodes spoke on a number of issues including a WrestleMania match with brother Goldust that never happened, his Stardust character and a potential Hollywood stint.

Rhodes said that a match between Goldust and Stardust had never been planned and no one ever pushed for the match. Rhodes revealed that his brother, Dustin, a.k.a. Goldust really wanted to work a match with him at the grandest stage of them all but things never fell into place.

Moreover, Cody pointed out that once Goldust returned to the company, he got involved in a number of storylines and somehow the Goldust vs. Stardust match was lost in the shuffle. Cody was quoted as saying:

“I think Dustin particularly wanted that match a lot when he was off WWE television and then once he got on it I think it was something that didn’t appeal to him anymore.

We had that bad match, and we had a lot of good matches that nobody ever saw in the live events.”

Rhodes acknowledged the fact that a number of fans had asked him about the match and his message was that both brothers still had a few good years left in them so that the possibility was very much there.

He might have been indicating an inevitable clash between Stardust and Goldust. But now that Cody is out of the WWE, and was recently crowned the Global Force Wrestling Nex*Gen champion, it would be interesting to see how that match gets booked.

Reflecting on his Stardust gimmick, Cody said that the character did not work out well because of the complexity associated with it. Fans could not relate to Stardust and there were occasional chants for “Cody”. He also revealed that he was grief-stricken after his father’s death and that he had returned too soon.

There was a Stardust-Arrow program set for SummerSlam and Cody did not want to miss it, hence his quicker return.

Speaking on his career as an actor, Rhodes reported he had got a place for himself in LA. He mentioned that acting was a profession that he wanted to devote more time and effort into after the initial success that he had with the Arrow episode.

He pointed out that he belonged to one of the most glorious wrestling families and wrestling would always be a part of him, but he also wanted to explore the creative element on the big screen.

He made it clear that he is all for trying new things and acting, for him, is one of those.

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