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Dana White Says He’s “Not in This For The Money”

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UFC president Dana White spoke recently with Jim Rome for SiriusXM Rush and discussed the aftermath of the sale of the UFC for around two billion dollars. Although the details of his compensation are not public, White’s 9% equity may have made him over $350,000,000. That is a stack of $100 bills higher than the Empire State Building.

“I’m telling you, I don’t even think about it,” said White to Rome, as transcribed by Mick Hammond for MMA Weekly. “You know what I bought since? I didn’t buy anything. I bought nothing. I definitely haven’t been on vacation. You know what I mean? I’m not running around, thinking about my money. I’m running around thinking about what’s next.”

“I had to jump on New York. The New York card wasn’t even done yet. I was so messed up that I didn’t get New York done until the day before the press conference – when I finished getting that all together. Then, after I got that done, I had to start focusing on the office and what was going on in there, and the changes and the things that were going to happen. I don’t ever sit back and go, ‘You know, I’ve got this money, let somebody else do it.’”

“To be honest with you, my life was perfect. Before this whole thing happened, Lorenzo and I had this perfect working relationship, where he did the stuff he liked, and I did the stuff I liked. We were together every day; we had a blast. Even take the worst day ever at the UFC, and we still had fun in there doing what we were doing.

“And it’s true, very much for me, it’s not about the money. It’s about the ride. It’s about doing great things. I’d already made more money than I ever thought I’d make in my life. There are some guys – and I’m not this guy – there are some guys who are so driven by ‘I’ve got to make a billion. I want to be on the Forbes list.’ I’m not that guy.”

“I’m never going to be that guy. That’s not me. I’m not about the money. I don’t care about the money. I’m about this. I’m about Saturday night. You know what I mean? I’m about making big fights. It has nothing to do with money.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love that we broke the gate record at MSG – that’s the s*** that I’m in it for. I like breaking records. I like making big fights. I like people going crazy over the fights we build. I’m in it for that. I’m not in it for the money.”


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