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Jedrzejczyk “I’m Person From Hell”

(Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Carla Esparza for the strawweight title)

UFC women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk appeared recently on Submission Radio ahead of her fight with Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC 205.

“I’ve known Karolina for a long time already,” she said. “We fought in 2012, it was an amateur fight which I won. But the thing is, before my fight with Claudia Gadelha we were shooting some commercial for one of our sponsors. So the thing is, we have had kind of a good relationship, but we’re still having a good relationship, but there is some limit.

“You know, when I’m in like the preparations, when I’m coming to the fight, to the octagon, there is no more attempt to play around. I’m focused, I’m in beast mode only. So that’s the thing. But she’s tough. This fight is going to be a really, really big fight. She beat Rose Namajunas in her last fight, so yeah, she’s a tough opponent. But she said that she has a good plan for me, she said that Gadelha didn’t have this plan.

“But the thing is, we are all having some plans until the first punch. All of my opponents, they have had some plans, Karolina has some plans for our upcoming fight. But the thing is, I’m a different fighter, I’m a really tough fighter, and on the night of the fight I’m like the person from hell. So until the first punch she might have some game plan, but after that, not anymore.”

Joanna also discussed the criticism from some quarters that Ronda Rousey did not deserve the immediate title shot vs. new champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

“Of course she deserves it,” said Joanna. “Of course, of course, of course. I’m training with Amanda Nunes and I respect her so much, but I have a very good relationship with Ronda Rousey, we’ve had this relationship for a very long time. So it’s going to be a very good fight, because Amanda, she is a tough chick. Her boxing is on point, her Jiu Jitsu game is very good, but there is lots of pressure on Ronda. She used to be like simply the best, she used to be one of the greatest, not just  female, but the greatest MMA fighters and she did so much for us – not just for female fighters, but for all of the MMA fighters, for the UFC. So we should be thankful to her for that. I’m not gonna agree with Juliana Pena who is complaining that Ronda got a chance to fight for the title. I think she deserves that and we should agree with that one hundred percent.”

Jedrzejczyk recently switched camps to ATT in Coconut Creek, Florida, and now trains alongside division rivals Valerie Letourneau and Tecia Torres.“I feel free. I believe I can fly right now and I’m really like, I feel free. And the thing is, the first few days were hard for me, for those girls and for Valerie, Tecia

“I feel free,” she said. “I believe I can fly right now and I’m really like, I feel free. And the thing is, the first few days were hard for me, for those girls and for Valerie, Tecia Torres and other fighters. They were like, ‘what’s Joanna doing here?’ But they all thought that I came here just for one day, for a few days just to check them out, but it isn’t true.

“I changed my coaches, I changed my gym, I moved to Florida to American Top Team because I think it’s one of the greatest gyms in the world. I’m working with Mike Brown, Kami [Barzini], Katel [Kubis] and I feel like I have very good coaches, good people around me. My nutritionist and my doctor is from here – Michelle, Paulina from Perfecting Athletes, they are taking very good care of me. So it’s the right place to be. Like I said, I want to build myself more in the US and that’s why I had to do this move. And changes are very difficult and we are afraid of changes, but in the end, it’s always good.”

“When I was undefeated and I was an underdog, I liked that. Because I used to say, okay, I’m going to prove that you’re wrong. I’m going to be undefeated. I’m going to be an undefeated champion and it’s my goal and it’s my dream. I want to be an undefeated champion and I want to retire as an undefeated champion and it’s my goal”.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk fights Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC 205 on November 12, 2016, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

“I will mix a little bit of the fight with Jessica Penne and she’s gonna get enough because of the punches and kicks to the head,” said Jedrzejczyk. “And then there will be more from the fight with Carla Esparza, so she will try to take me down because enough of the punches, and then I will finish her on the ground – maximum third round.”

“This fight is very big for me. I don’t want to just win, I want to win so badly, even more than against Claudia Gadelha.”

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