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Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway Break Up?


Rumor: Miesha Tate Breaks Up With Long Time Boyfriend Bryan Caraway

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, rare is to have a couple where both man and woman are at the top of their game.

Such is the case of Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway. After meeting in college, the duo has remained inseparable throughout the years and we’ve all witnessed the rise of Miesha Tate in the process.

Fight fans have grown to love the Tate-Caraway duo and it’s hard to believe that this couple may be parting ways.

But now, rumors online have started to surface that the long time duo may be on the outs. Which might explain Caraway’s recent desires to take any fight he can get his hands on, and why Miesha has been traveling the globe solo with just her girls.

Maybe there’s nothing to this rumors, so don’t take our word for it until it’s confirmed. This could be one-big false claim. Regardless, Caraway and Miesha haven’t been witnessed together since their early September Hustler party over a month ago. Since that time both have been going about their own way. For Tate is was a 4-week stint in Thailand without Bryan, and for Caraway it’s been a media blitz where he’s called out every available top fighter in his division.

We don’t really know what’s going on in the world of MMA’s top couple, so take these rumors with a grain of salt and ponder the info we’ve just presented, until the full truth is revealed.

Stay tuned as the story reveals itself to be real or fake.

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  • Gonzo

    i got first dibs

  • lol

    seems credible…

  • David McClintock

    If she broke up with him she will certainly lose her fight against Pennington.

    If he broke up with her – he is the lowest scum of the earth and a total F-ing moron 100%.

    Women like her are ultra rare. She has been with him since she was young. They were poor together, and became rich together. She is Hot, loyal, trustworthy, doesn’t start fights to stir up drama without cause, dedicated, a “virtious women who can find” and all that.

    She has turned down all the guys, rich and famous, better looking etc. coming at her from all angles for him. Any women like this is a rare diamond in a mountain range of coal. Impossible to find. You find a unicorn and dump her you’re a FOOL. You have a duty and obligation to stay with her forever and if you don’t your just shooting yourself in the foot like a FOOL.

    The guy is already a fool for not proposing to her until now. Yet she is still loyal and stays with him professing her modern new normaless while hoping for a ring. . The guy should have already proposed. FOOL. This women has the rare qualities of being a women you trust with your life grow old with and love even if she loses her looks. This is almost impossible, impossible, I repeat impossible to find these days in our culture.

    If this guy is neglecting her emotionally after her loss he is a FOOL. And if he dumps/abandons her just because she is getting older or having a hard time which is putting him off – he is the scum of the earth and should be spit on.

    A women like Meisha Tate is almost impossible to find today. There are very few women like this left today. Unicorns. Any man who a unicorn neglects it, chases it away etc is a FOOL.

    • Cris Emma

      I think she broke up with him, c’mon, if you look at him now, the guy looks miserable. We’ll never known what happened there, but she definitely dumped him, not otherwise. Now she’s doing ok, and he’s looking like shit, poor guy.

      • David McClintock

        He should’ve proposed to her when she had the chance.

        “Miesha Tate rescues little girl while hiking”

        She wants to be a MOM. That’s why her heart isn’t into fighting anymore.Women profess this feminist nonsense about career and how modern they are while secretly resenting it. don’t need a man, don’t want a family .. I’m modern , not true. She wants a family. That guys a bitch. They have money. She isn’t getting any younger. It’s his fault if she dumped him.

  • David McClintock

    I hate being right..

    Sexy Meisha Tate just lost her fight and announced her retirement.

  • EddieWine

    “Fight fans have grown to love the Tate-Caraway duo” Who the fuck are those fight fans? I have about 30-40 people I regularly watch UFC with and none of those have ever expressed any love for that duo. Most have in fact stated the exact opposite, wondering why she is together with Caraway at all!