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Knockout Night at The D Results: Late Notice Erik Ruiz Takes TItle and Showstopper Escapes With Win


Non-Televised Bouts:

Junior Lightweight Bout: Sal Lopez (4-0) def Ken Taylor (2-1) via UD (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)

Bantamweight Bout: Max Ornelas (5-0) def. Mulapi Enjani (2-3-2) via TD (Rolled Ankle)  (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)

Welterweight Bout: Jeremy Nichols (7-0) def. Marquis Hawthorne (4-5) via UD (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)

Junior Lightweight Bout: Randy Moreno (5-0) def. Fabian Alaniz (1-1) via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 2.

Televised Bouts:

WBA-NABA USA Super Welterweight Title Fight: John Vera (14-0) vs Milorad Zizic (12-1)

Rd 1: The pair feel each other out early on and Milorad pressures Vera along the ropes. Zizic continued with body punches and pushed forward until Vera answered with a body shot. The pair exchanged hard right straights to end a mild opening stanza.

Rd. 2: Vera reached in for a body straight but Zizic connected with two body hooks. Vera landed a monster right uppercut that wobbled Milorad momentarily. Then Vera connected with a barn burning right hand that floored Milorad, Zizic answered but was soon floored once more. Milorad barely answered and was quickly wobbled by a pressing John Vera and the ref quickly stepped in.

Result: John Vera (15-0) def. Milorad (12-2) via TKO at 2:15 of Round 2.

Co-Main Event WBA-NABA Bantamweight Title Fight: Tony Lopez Jr. (11-1) vs Stephon Young (14-0-3) 

Rd 1: Lopez presses forward early and unloads a combination but Young answered with a quick combo of his own. Young missed a wild overhand right and is peppered by lefts and rights from Tony. Lopez landed an uppercut and a right cross then the pair both exchanged to finish the opening round.

Rd. 2: Tony landed a hard right cross quick and early on the chin of Young. Stephon then landed a 3 punch combo and the pair went after it. Tony landed a hard upper cut and wobbled Stephon badly. Tony then landed a hard left hook but ate a right hook from Young.

Rd. 3: Young started off with a right straight then ate a right hook from Lopez. Tony landed an uppercut to the body then another right hook to the head. Young landed a right hook and Tony landed one to answer and waved Stephon in. Stephon landed an overhand right but Tony popped Young with a left hook. Tony scored a quick combo to end the round.

Rd. 4: Young launched an overhand right but ate a harder overhand right from Lopez. Tony is timing a right hand anytime Stephon engages him. Tony landed a combo but ate one from Young that followed. Stephon landed an uppercut to the head but ate one to the body and face. Lopez landed a stiff jab and the pair shared right hooks then Stephon landed a hard right hook upstairs to end the round.

Rd. 5: Tony lunged in with a right and landed a few jabs but surprised Stephon with a hard right hook. Tony ate  a body shot but landed another hard right hook upstairs. Young answered with an uppercut and Tony responded with an uppercut to the body. The pair are fighting in a phone booth and landing small shots here and there. Young landed a hard right hook but Tony landed a right hand in response to end the round.

Rd. 6: Tony missed a right hook and Stephon landed a left hook. Young landed a right hook this time and Tony waved him in. Tony ate a right hook but landed a right hook of his own. Yound scored a right hook and then a body shot but ate a 3 punch combo of Lopez’s. Stephon scored a hard over hand right and then a hard left hook. Lopez landed some hard shots to end the round.

Rd. 7: Tony landed some nice jabs early but Stephon pushed him against the ropes and landed a nice combo. Tony landed a hard left hook then a stiff left but ate an uppercut and a right hook. Stephon landed another hard left hook then a hard right hook and the pair started going toe to toe landing shot after shot to en the round.

Rd. 8: Lopez landed two jabs but ate a right cross and a right hook. Stephon landed three jabs in a row then ate a hard hook and another from Lopez. Young replied with a hard left hook but when Young cycled out he was met with a hard overhand right. Lopez landed a left hook to end the final round.

Rd. 9: Lopez missed wildly with an overhand right, Stephon landed a crisp combo but ate one as well. Lopez landed a hard straight but ate a hard right hook and Lopez landed another straight. Young landed a hard combo on the ropes and continued to pressure until the bell sounded.

Rd. 10: Lopez landed a combo then they both exchange body shots and jabs to the face. Young landed a right then a body shot and an overhand right. Tony landed a body uppercut but ate right and left hooks. Young landed two straight left hooks but Tony pushed Stephon on the ropes and unloaded a barrage of punches and right when the claps for the final ten seconds sounded Tony rocked Young with a wild right and followed up with 7 or so unanswered punches until the bell sounded.

Result: Stephon Young (15-0-3) def. Tony Lopez (11-2) via Majority Decision (95-95, 97-93, 96-94)

MAIN EVENT WBA International Super Bantamweight Title Fight: Hanzel Martinez (23-2) vs Erik Ruiz (15-5-1)

Rd. 1: Ruiz landed a hard right over the top early then a stiff uppercut to the body followed by a left and right combo. Ruiz landed a jab and two uppercuts to the body then more uppercuts to the body. Hanzel then opened up and landed some hard combos on the ropes to end the round.

Rd. 2: Ruiz landed a stiff jab and Hanzel answered with a jab of his own and Erik answers with a body shot. Erik landed a hard right hook and the pair exchange combinations but Erik seems to get the better of the exchange. Ruiz landed a hard jab  and another with one more before the round ended.

Rd. 3: Ruiz landed hard uppercuts to start things off but Hanzel landed an overhand right and some uppercuts to and continued to throw and pressure but ate Erick Ruiz left hooks. Ruiz landed another left hook and an uppercut but ate a few uppercuts from Hanzel. Hanzel landed a right hook and a body uppercut to end the round.

Rd. 4: Hanzel landed two right hands but ate a left then landed 4 body uppercuts on Ruiz. Erick landed a right hand but Hanzel landed more to the body then Erick landed a right hook to the head of Hanzel. The pair then teed off on the ropes landing hooks galore and hayemakers until the bell sounded.

Rd. 5: Erik landed uppercuts to the body and face of Hanzel but Martinez answered with three upper cuts. Hanzel landed 3 more jabs to the face but Erik landed a hard left hand. The pair meet each other with overhand rights and Hanzel presses Erik against the ropes again and tees off. Martinez landed a few shots but ate a hard hook to end round 5.

Rd. 6: Erik landed a hard jab but Hanzel landed hard uppercuts to push Ruiz along the ropes. The pair are going back and forth and Hanzel landed three straight body uppercuts. Erik landed a left hook but ate two left hooks from Hanzel and a slight lack of action to end the round.

Rd. 7: Hanzel landed a combo then 5 straight uppercuts to the body of Ruiz. Martinez is showing better head movement making Erik miss. Erik then landed a hard flush right hand that Hanzel walked through. Ruiz landed a hard right hook but ate another uppercut from Hanzel. Martinez landed once more to end the round.

Rd. 8: Martinez slipped early and missed when he got up. Then Hanzel landed left and right hooks and backed Ruiz against the ropes once again to sound off. Erick landed a stiff uppercut and then another and again but Martinez would keep moving forward until the bell sounded.

Rd. 9: Erick landed two jabs to start off then an uppercut then the pair exchanged hard hooks to the face. Hanzel pressed forward but ate a hard stiff jab from Ruiz. Hanzel then went back to his uppercuts landing 5 but ate an uppercut from Ruiz. Ruiz landed another hard left but Martinez backed Erick against the ropes and landed multiple hard shots but Erick would answer with a single hard blow to the face. The pair shared shots until the bell sounded.

Rd. 10: Erick landed two solid uppercuts to start things off and then landed two more. Hanzel landed a straight right then two left uppercuts. Hanzel landed a hard left but ate an even harder one. Martinez then landed more uppercuts but ate some solid rights from Ruiz. Hanzel landed more uppercuts in the corner and the fight ended with both squaring off blow for blow.

Erik Ruiz (16-5-1) def. Hanziel Martinez (23-3) via Majority Decision (95-95, 98-92, 97-93)


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