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Jim Ross Has High Praise for Rusev

(Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler, photo via youtube.com)

Jim Ross is back with a new blog on his website in which he talks extensively about last night’s WWE Clash Of Champions. Below are the highlights:

On WWE Clash of Champions: “Got home from a fun weekend in Baltimore for Dan McDevitt’s MCW Wrestling in time to watch WWE’s Clash of the Champions broadcast on the WWE Network. Thought the show was a solid presentation that wasn’t overwhelming IMO but instead I thought was a solid presentation that I’m happy that I watched. The timing of the show worked for me as it provided every match with adequate time to be able to tell a compelling story. With that said it also exposed some talents as perhaps needing more work or strategizing better before they embark on longer than normal, TV wrestling matches. None of the matches were remotely “bad” IMO and some delivered, as one would expect, better than others. I gave the show a B+ which is a good grade in today’s mat world.”

On Rusev vs. Roman Reigns for the United States Title: “Is it obvious that some fans are merely booing Roman Reigns because they think that it is the ‘thing to do’ based on what they hear on TV? In the heartland of America in Indianapolis, Indiana an American (Reigns) wrestling for the United States Title versus a Bulgarian, I.E. a non American, is booed by the vocal, defiant, mostly young male demo which reeks of overt, attention seekers. Rusev is developing into a main event level talent without fail and his match with Reigns had a marked intensity especially coming down the stretch into the conclusion of the bout.”

On Cesaro vs. Sheamus: “Enjoyed the physicality of the Sheamus vs Cesaro Best of Seven finale that ended up not being the finale after all. I assume that this series will get another shot at being blown off and, if so, hopefully these two won’t kick our of each other’s finishers to the degree that they did Sunday night. Both are too skilled to need to do that as it has been overdone so much in recent times that it has lost much of it’s luster. Cesaro took an unnecessary chance/risk with the suicide tope, head first dive through the ropes, to only end up spiking himself on the floor which could have broken his neck. Apparently, Cesaro dodged a massive bullet in this exchange that had zero bearing on the narrative of the bout.”

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