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Condit Suffering From Brain Trauma?

(Carlos Condit fights Martin Kampmann during UFC Fight NIght 27)

Carlos Condit has been fighting for 14 years. He also boxed professionally once, and kickboxed four times. 28 of his 30 MMA wins have come by way of knockout or submission. He has never been knocked out or stopped due to strikes.

However, he has been hit a lot. And he has been hit a lot more in practice. He was only hit once his last fight, a loss to Demian Maia, but he said it rocked him some.

At the post-fight press conference, Condit said he doesn’t know if he belongs in the Octagon anymore. The fighter has said little publicly since, but his manager, Malki Kawa, appeared recently on Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome podcast, and explained what is on Condit’s mind.

“In reality, Carlos Condit has been in a lot of fights–he’s been doing this since he was 15 years old,” said Kawa, as transcribed by Jim Edwards for Flo Combat. “He’s suffered a lot of concussion. He’s one of the few fighters I have who goes in and checks his brain and checks the damage assessed and all that.

“He’s just looking at it like this–he took a hard shot from Maia and it caused him to like cradle up a bit and give him that position for him to lose and sink the rear-naked choke. The way I look at it is, if a fighter comes to me and says ‘Hey Malki, I don’t think I can take this much more damage, my head is the most important part of my body with my brain and I don’t think it can take any more damage’, I can’t argue with that.”

“If this was like his tenth fight and he took that damage and he didn’t have that fight with Robbie Lawler the way he did, or that fight with Nick Diaz or George Saint-Pierre, those were five round fights that went the distance and where there was damage given on both sides. If they didn’t happen I’d probably talk him out of it, but he’s literally telling me that when he took that shot it caused me to do this.”

“He’s not the sort of guy that is going to be involved if he can’t mentally perform to the best of his abilities and that includes taking shots.”

“I’m not talking about mentally being in it, I’m talking about the damage his brain is taking, not taking and being able to recover. It’s going to be all these little different things and he’s just looking at it right now like, look at me now I’m in my prime as a fighter and as a human being, and I got some symptoms. He wakes up sometimes and he’s got some headaches and he’s more worried about that than he is continuing to fight.”

“If this was maybe five years ago I think Carlos Condit just says ‘Hey he caught me today’ and I don’t even know Carlos Condit five years ago takes that shot. I think he would’ve just muscled through it, he’s tough as nails. I’m proud of him to be able to sit there and just say what it is.

“Right now he’s just taking his time and thinking about it.”

“He’s going to review it, see how he feels and see’s whether or not he wakes up and stuff is going on. He’ll go get his head checked and see if his brain is perfectly fine, normal, and then maybe he may say I want one more fight.”

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