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WWE Smackdown Results 9/6/2016: Top Tag Team Turns Heel

(The Usos, photo via galleryhip.com)

WWE Smackdown! Live

The show starts with Daniel Bryan already in the ring, his theme song playing, doing the “YES” chant with the crowd. He welcomes us to WWE Smackdown! Live.

He talks about crowning the first Smackdown! Women’s Champion at this Sunday’s PPV, Backlash. It is a 6-Way Elimination match, but first, he announces that all 6 girls will be in a 6 women tag team match and introduces Becky Lynch to the ring.

She comes out and says she was sure Daniel would call out Nikki Bella first. Daniel says Becky was the first women in the Smackdown Draft pick. Daniel also plugs Total Bellas for October 5th. Becky says maybe there was a reason she lost at Wrestlemania, or that she got turned on by more than one of her friends, that maybe it all leads up to Backlash. This sets up the entrance for Natalya to make her way out.

Natalya says the draft was her worst day because she got stuck with Becky. She says Smackdown! should have been her kingdom but Becky is in the way. Without notice or music, Alexa Bliss slipped out of nowhere to bash on everyone, including Daniel. Carmella came out next to brag about beating up Nikki. Carmella called Alexa “Polly Pocket”. Funny.

All the girls starts bickering, until Natalya says Becky is looking to get them all one against each other. They go to surround Becky, but Naomi and Nikki came out assist. Natalya jumps Nikki, but Becky and Naomi gets the upperhand.

Backstage, Dean grabs some guy’s coffee, and makes him hold it while he pours a huge amount of sugar into it, takes a sip and hands him the rest and leaves. They announce the “Countdown to Backash” for later.

(commercial Break)

Back from break, Daniel is talking to Shane McMahon. He says next time, he should handle the women. The Miz showed up and complained that they are not talking about the most important championship, the Intercontinental Championship. He says Dolph Ziggler is a loser and doesn’t deserve it. Calls on Daniel not liking what he said to him at Talking Smack. Daniel says if The Miz doesn’t like it or doesn’t want to fight, he can relinquish his title. His music hits, and The Miz makes his way to the ring, along with his wife Maryse. He faces Apollo Crews. Dolph is on commentary. (What a shocker!)

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

They tie up and Apollo gets a shoulder tackle. The Miz takes his distance and goes for another tie-up, and Apollo takes control. Apollo shows strength and athleticism by blocking a toss, and then doing a front flip . The Miz is sent outside, and Apollo hits a standing Moonsault from the ring apron to the outside, before we get the commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

As we get back from break, The Miz has control of Apollo, but Apollo gets in some punches and a pinfall. The Miz gets back and hits a knee to the back, and a neckbreaker. The focus seems to be more on Dolph saying he wants to provide for this business and progress. He is wearing a hoodie over a nice shirt and tie. Finally back to the action, Apollo gets a Sunset flip and a two count on the Miz. The Miz gets him back, and hits a running turnbuckle clothesline. He heads to the top rope, and goes for a Double Ax-Handle, but Apollo catches him and hits a Belly to Belly suplex. They both get to their feet at the ref’s 5 count. Apollo gets fired up and hits a series of tackles and cloestline before popping up to his feet. He sets up the Miz to hit his back suplex into a Powerbomb, but the Miz goes to the outside and smacks Dolph. Pushes Apollo into Dolph, and sends Apollo back in the ring and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Apollo and gets the three count.

Winner: The Miz

Post match, Dolph goads The Miz to get into the ring to get his title. He sends Maryse. Dolph yells at the Miz that is a coward. The Miz leaves with his title. We then see Renee Young at the Talking Smack set with “The Face That Runs the Place” AJ Styles. They show a recap of last week when Dean droped AJ on the rope crotch first. AJ get mad that someone gave Renee that footage. He threatens a worker of breaking his headset because he says he thinks its funny. He throws him away and we go to a commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Returning from break, Mauro Ranallo tells us about Connor’s Cure. The discussion switches over to the Tag Team action since the draft and we get a video package of American Alpha wanting to become the first Smackdown! Tag Team Champions. We then see the Usos getting ready when “Charlie” interviews them. She asks them about winning the titles. They say they won Tag Team of the year twice, but they were chosen 9th on the draft while American Alpha was first in tag teams so they are the underdogs. They leave.

We then get a Bray Wyatt promo. He sits in his rocking chair talking about surviving the Predator. He says mankind adapted to the predators, but says HE is the predator, not Randy Orton, as he has avolved beyond humans. He is a god. He says at Backlash, The Predator becomes pray. He will be a chunk of meat for the Eater of Worlds. Run!

Up next is the 6 Women Tag Team Match. Nikki Bella makes her way out. Oddly, she is not getting much of a reaction. We head to a commercial Break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, they show a commercial for the new WWE Films movie that features Adam “Edge” Copeland and Lana. The movie is called “Interogation”. Then we get back to the ring with Becky already in the ring, and out comes Naomi in her hyper flashy neon black lights entrance. She can definitely dance and shine in neon colors. Out next is part of the heel team, with Natalya making her way out first, and then Polly Pock… I mean Alexa Bliss. Carmella is out last.

Naomi, Nikki Bella & Becky Lynch vs. Carmella, Alexa Bliss & Natalya

The match starts with Naomi and Alexa in the ring. Naomi starts hitting her multi jump kicks, and Alexa tags in Carmella. Naomi takes down Carmella and spanks her. (Naughty). Becky comes in and wrestles with Carmella. They reverse each others’ moves. Becky gets a pinfall and a two count. She tags in Nikki, but Carmella backs out of the ring to avoid Nikki. The bad girls regroup as we go to a commercial break. (Again!?)

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Becky has control and hits her Calf Kick and rushes to his a running elbow and her Exploder suplex, but Natalya trips Becky off the apron to the floor. Carmella brings Becky back in the ring, and she hits her in the back of the head. She tags in Natalya, and they double team her into a hair pull back drop. A tag to Alexa, double team snapmare, and Wishbone. Alexa continues to dominate. She gets a two count. Becky gets a small package for a 2 count. Alexa hits a roundhouse and then tags Natalya. Sitting dropkick to the back of her neck. Natalya hits a forearm to Nikki on the apron. Another nearfall. Another small package. Natalya stops Becky with a neckbreaker. Another headlock. Becky tries to get a tag, but hits a schoolgirl, and then misses a, Insignury. Alexa tags in but misses a move, and Becky tags into Nikki Bella. She hits an Beautiful Disaster kick to Alexa. Alexa hits a jawbreaker. She tags n Carmella. Nikki grabs her and hits her TKO move. Alexa gets involved. Natalya and Naomi all get involved. Becky takes out Alexa from the ring. Nikki is down, and Carmella gets her Inverted Triangle Choke called the Quote of Silence and Nikki is forced to tap.

Winners: Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Natalya

Post-match, the hells walk back tot he ring while taunting the girls they just beat. We are reminded of the Countdown to Backlash, and a reminder that tonight we get The Hype Bros vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater, and next is The Usos vs. American Alpha.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we see The Usos come out, and then American Alpha makes their way out.

The Usos vs. American Alpha

They shake hands before the bell rings. The Usos jumps them both at the ring of the bell. They showed lots of aggression, but American Alpha tossed one out and hit their Great Amplitutde and won within one minute.

Winners: American Alpha

Post-match, the Usos get back in the ring, goes to shake hands again, but then they hit a super kick to Jason Jordan and then double team on Chad Gable, and attack Gable’s knee. Jey Uso gets the Tequila Sunrise on Chad, and Jimmy hits his top rope splash to Gable’s other leg. The referees and medical examiner hits the ring, as The Usos makes their way back, looking mean. We then go to commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, they show a recap of the match and the heel turn of The Usos. Then we see Charlie talking to Orton, asking what his strategy is facing Bray Wyatt. Orton says Wyatt likes to tell stories so he has one too. His story was about a snake watching a man kill a rabbit for food, and waited for the human to be off guard so he can have them both the man and the rabbit. He says Wyatt is going to be hunted at Backlash.

Back in the ring, Fandango is in the ring solo, explaining that Tyler Breeze is backstage is back is in Dubai fetching silks for their upcoming fashion shows. He grabs a woman to dance with him in the ring. She starts dancing odd moves and he fights with her before she leaves the ring. Fandango asks for someone who has fire in their belly. Out comes Kane. (Ah, I see what you did there, WWE!) Fandango says he likes it. He sees Kane’s fire and asks if he wants to dance, but Kane just hits a Chokeslam and does the “Fandangoing” fingers before leaving the ring.

Next we see AJ Styles walking backstage and stops a few guys saying they took his picture. He says no, he was showing picture of his family. AJ throws the phone on the wall and tells them to pick it up. Hype Bros versus Rhyno and Heath Slater is next. We get a video package of Connor’s Cure and the little man that started it all. (I will be honest, seeing this kid makes me shed a tear or two every time).

**On a personal note, I have tremendous respect for the WWE for their support for many charities, but especially this one, I bought the bracelet, and I highly recommend you do so too if you ever shop on the WWE.com Shop. **

(Commercial Break)

As we come back from break, we get another sponsor plug for KFC, and then more Curt Hawkins quotes. They announce him for next week on Smackown! Live. They we get the Hype Bros making their way out. (Anyone else seeing a tie-in here!?). Out comes Rhyno and Heath Slater.

The Hype Bros vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno

We see a bunch of red-haired children in the front row, which they say they are Heath’s family. The match starts and Heath gets an early offense, befoe Zack Ryder hits a second rope dropkick and a tag to Mojo Rawley. He uses his footbacll tackles and moves to keep Heath from getting away, before he clothesline Heath out of the ring, and he and Zack gets both Heath and Rhyno down before another commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Mojo is the aggressor in the match, but misses a turnbuckle splash, and they both reached to tag their partners. Zack tries to dominant over Rhyno, but Rhyno hits a huge spinebuster, and Heath tips the ropes to send Rawley out. Ryder goes for the Broski Boot, but Rhyno pulls him away, and hits the Gore on Zack Ryder for the win.

Winners: Heath Slater & Rhyno

So now we know that at Backlash, it is American Alpha vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater for the Smackdown! Tag Team Championships. They show the brackets that lead to this final match. Post-match, they showed him hug the children in the front row. (He is way too young to have those kids, BTW). We also get another recap of the Usos heel turn on American Alpha and the beat down to Chad Gable.

We have Renee explaining that Shane and Daniel will be on Talking Smack to talk about Chad Gable and American Alpha. THe Usos interupted and said that it went their way. They said they are done busting their asses for 6 years. They show Dean getting his hair done, and he tries to sniff the hairspray. (What is funny, is that his hair looks like it has never been washed, yet he would put hairspray…)

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, we get another Talking Smack promo, and then we get the entrance of our WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose, followed by The Face that runs the place, AJ Styles. This is not a match, but a face off.

Charlie introduces them but Dean tells her to leave because AJ is nervous around women. Dean hands AJ a gift, in a duffel bag. It’s a bowling participation trophy, he says its the only trophy AJ will get from him.

AJ retaliates in saying everything is a joke to AJ. Dean shows the recap from last week when he pokes fun at AJ when he got crotches on the rope. AJ says its not funny but Dean says everyone else thinks it is. He makes fun of his soccer mom haircut. (Really Dean, hair jokes).
He reminds Dean that he beat John Cena and he will take his Championship like he took Cena’s armband. (Didn’t John leave in the ring?!).

AJ says Dean is not John Cena, and Dean says no he is not. It’s not a wrestling match, it’s a battle field. He says once he beats him he won’t be wearing an AJ Styles Jockstrap after beating him like a trophy. He said he better take that trophy cause there won’t be anything for the second place. AJ kicked Dean in the balls and destroys the trophy, as the segment ends the show.

End Show

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