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Hunt Buries UFC, Calls For Fighter Union


For Mark Hunt, losing a fight in the biggest spotlight of his career was just the start of his frustration. Shortly after UFC 200, Hunt learned that his opponent, Brock Lesnar, had failed a drug test that was taken ten days prior to the fight. The results however we not available until after the fight. With that information, Hunt expressed his outrage in the media, even calling for all of Lesnar’s purse to be paid to him.

Then yesterday Hunt learned that Lesnar also failed a second drug test, this one the night of the fight at UFC 200. Hunt today gave an extended interview to his own website, blasting the FUC for their role in his situation and also called for the creation of a fighter’s association:

“The way I see it, the Brock Lesnar doping thing is just another reason why we need a fighter’s association,” Hunt said via phone interview. “These guys are just making up the rules as they go.

“First the Reebok thing, then Brock’s 4 month testing exemption. Conor gets pulled off a card for not going to a press conference that me or Brock didn’t go to anyway. Work that out. There’s probably a heap of others.”

Asked if he thought that the UFC had accumulated too much power, Hunt agreed vehemently.

“You just have to look at how Ariel gets his media pass taken away cause he broke a story about Brock, then he gets it back when other media stood up for him and called out the UFC.” He said. “These guys are just making sh*t it up as they go.

“Yet fighters refuse to support other fighters when they f*ck us over.

“They say they are cleaning up the sport, yet I’ve risked my health two times against guys cheating since this USADA thing started. I was told Brock was gonna be tested when I took the fight, he comes in looking fricken juicy as hell and then I find out he’s popped after the PPV has already been sold.

“It’s ridiculous. The fact that they haven’t even bothered to make contact with me since all of this happened just proves they don’t care.

source: markhunt.tv


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