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Knockout Night at The D Results: Demond Dominates Chuy to Retain


Non-Televised Bouts:

HVY: Tracey Johnson (4-2-4) def. Cashton Young (2-1) via Split Decision

Jr. Featherweight: Max Ornelas (1-0) def. Robert Ledesma (1-5) via TKO Rd. 1

HVY: Johnnie Rice (4-1) def. Edgar Ramirez (1-1) via Unanimous Decision

Televised Bouts:

Welterweight: Jeremy Nichols (4-0) vs. Adam Vasquez (5-0-1)

Rd. 1: Vasquez missed his first few thrown and Jeremy bobbed and weaved easily. Jeremy ate a jab then a small right hook upstairs. Jeremy then unloaded a straight to the body and showed some flashy foot movement. Nichols then landed body hooks off the rope, Vasquez landed a glancing uppercut. The pair traded shots until the bell rang.

Rd. 2: Adam opened up with angry shots but Nichols returned fire and landed hard body shots. Jeremy pressed the action with uppercuts to the body and a straight right to the face of Vasquez. Jeremy lunged in with a hard body uppercut and peppered Vasquez’s head with a combo to end the round.

Rd. 3: Jeremy stalked Adam along the ropes then lit him up with body shots and hooks to the head. Jeremy nearly dropped Vasquez and didn’t let him off the hook, continuing with hooks up and down stairs. Adam landed a left hook to Jeremy’s head but ate uppercuts along the ropes once more to end the round.

Rd. 4: Nichols opened up with strong jabs then a hard left hook to the body and he continued to punish the body of Vasquez. Adam began reeling once again and Jeremy stalked with more hooks and finally knocked Vasquez down. Adam got up only to eat more of the hook assault that Jeremy was feeding him. Jeremy landed more left hooks to the body and Adam had to take a knee once again then the bell rang.

Jeremy Nichols (5-0) def. Adam Vasquez (5-1-1) via Unanimous Decision 

Jr. Middleweights: Rolando Garza (8-0) vs. Erasmo Garcia (5-0-1)

Rd. 1: Garza started the action with a triple jab and a hook to the body but ate a right hook from Garcia. Erasmo landed a bomb of a right hook upstairs again and it’s apparant the pair are gunning for a knockout. Garza peppered the body of Erasmo then landed two quick jabs and another body hook. Erasmo returned a body hook and another then the pair exchange right crosses to the dome. Garza landed hard uppercuts to end the round.

Rd. 2: Garza landed two hard jabs but ate a left hook from Erasmo. Rolando then landed left hooks to the body and head of Garcia. Rolando opened up a barrage of body upper cuts and hooks to wobble Erasmo. Rolando landed a left hook then a right hook but ate two left hooks. Garza again dug to the body then landed a left hook to the head. Garcia landed a hard jab to close out the round.

Rd. 3: The pair open up trading and Rolando landed a hard right hook then another, but ate a combo to the dome from Erasmo. Rolando wobbled Garcia with a hard left hook then dug to the body with hard shots. The pair began fighting in a phone but Rolando landed a solid uppercut that almost dropped Erasmo then wobbled him again to end the round.

Rd. 4: Rolando  landed a stiff uppercut to the body but ate hooks to the head along the ropes. The pair started a war on the ropes, both eating hooks and uppercutts to the body and head. Erasmo landed a hard jab then landed a left hook to the body of Rolando.

Rd. 5: Rolando opened up with a combo to begin the round then a right uppercut that wobbled Erasmo. Garcia returned with a combo of his own but was wobbled again with a left hook. Rolando lit up the disfigured face of Garza and came incredibly close to knocking him down but the chin and will kept Erasmo up.

Rd. 6: Erasmo started the action with a hard left hook to the face of Rolando and actually stalked Garza. Not for long as Garza starched the body of Garcia with a solid uppercut. A point was deducted from Rolando due to a low blow, but when the ref called the action in Garza unloaded more punches to Garcia. Garza just continued to dominate and the pair went toe-to-toe until the round and fight ended.

Rolando Garza (9-0) def. Erasmo Garcia (5-1-1) via Unanimous Decision 

WBC USNBC Lightweight Championship: 

Demond Brock (11-3-1) vs. Chuy Gutierrez (14-0-1)

Rd. 1: Demond worked his jab early on but ate a body shot from Chuy then another and one more. Brock was able to back Chuy into the ropes and land combinations and then the pair traded back and forth. Demond stalked Chuy around the ring and landed left hooks to the body and head of Gutierrez. Demond landed one more uppercut to end the round.

Rd. 2: Brock beats on Chuy on the ropes but ate a jab from Chuy. Demond unloaded on the ropes again but ate a hard uppercut to his head. Then returned fire with a long straight jab that hurt Gutierrez, then another jab, then two quick hooks. Demond dominated more and more until the round ended.

Rd. 3: Demond demonstrated some tight combinations and peppered Chuy to the body and head. The pair go tit-for-tat with uppercuts to the body but Gutierrez was able to land a hard hook to Demond’s grill. Brock landed back-to-back hooks to the face of Gutierrez then a body shot followed by a left hook upstairs. Brock landed another uppercut to end the round.

Rd. 4: Heavy selling on Chuy’s left eye beginning to form and Brock landed a 3 punch combo to the body of Gutierrez. Demond seemed to be picking Chuy apart as Gutierrez couldn’t land clean. Chuy got on the ropes again but was able to fight off and ate a right hook, however he returned with a hard straight as round closed.

Rd. 5: Brock landed an uppercut to the body then followed with two more but ate one in the pocket as well. Demond continued to throw uppercuts and kept landing, then opened up more on the face of Chuy. Brock landed a hard body shot then an uppercut to the face but ate a jab. Demond landed a hard left cross to the face of Gutierrez then encored with another to end the round.

Rd. 6: Demond moved forward again with shots from all angles and landed left and right hooks to the dome of Chuy. Brock didn’t allow Gutierrez to open up as he smothered him with shots. Then the pair exchanged hooks to the head then jabs to the head as the crowd roared on. Brock blasted Chuy with an overhand right but Chuy returned fire with a quick 1-2 to the head. The pair went back and forth and Chuy started to mount offense with rights and lefts to end the round.

Rd. 7: Brock blasted Chuy with two hard jabs then backed Gutierrez into a corner momentarily. The ref warned Brock about low blows and Demond responded with 7 unanswered shots to Chuy along the ropes. Demond landed more shots on Chuy and kept battering the left side of Gutierrez’s face. The pair exchanged once again as the bell rang.

Rd. 8: Brock opens the round with a quick 3 punch combo to the body of Gutierrez,  then a check hook as Chuy came in. Demond landed another body shot and continued to push the action and press forward. Chuy landed a left up top but ate an uppercut and they both exchanged for a solid minute of back and forth action. Chuy landed a hard uppercut to end the round.

Rd. 9: Demond was first once more to unload a barrage on Chuy, body, body, body then head for Brock. Demond landed to the body then two to the head then another check hook caught Gutierrez coming in. Three lefts in a row and Chuy is showing signs of wear and tear, Demond is systematically taking Chuy apart. Demond landed 3 more before the round ended.

Rd. 10: Alot of the same as Demond kept landing combinations. Chuy landed a long jab and two quick right hooks but ate two jabs and a left hook. Gutierrez landed two lefts but Demond answered with  right and a left. Demond landed a left hook then a left uppercut to the body. Then with 10 seconds remaining the pair traded in an awesome display of guts and glory.

Demond Brock (12-3-1) def. Chuy Gutierrez (14-1-1) via Unanimous Decision (100-90, 98-92, 97-93)

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