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Latest WWE Brand-Split Rumors and Gronk to Join WWE?

(WWE CEO Vince McMahon)

Regarding the WWE brand split and SmackDown going live beginning Tuesday, July 19th, the split is rumored for July 11th in Detroit but not yet confirmed. There are people in WWE campaigning for a hard split of the rosters, with a clear and separate talent pool for each brand, while others want a soft split with top stars making guest appearances on the other shows, allowing for much more unique top matches on TV or pay-per-view events.

As speculated, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon will each take control of a show, although it’s unknown which. It may be possible there will be a storyline to resolve this matter or Vince McMahon choosing himself. As for the writing team, Ed Koskey and Ryan Ward will end up with more power since the creative writing teams will have more control and won’t have to constantly work together on ideas. Triple H and Vince McMahon will still have an overruling say on creative.

Titles such as the WWE Women’s Title would maybe be exclusive to one show although, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the tentative plan is for the women’s division to be on both brands but the exclusive talk is there.

It was also reported yesterday that two world titles is under consideration but that is not a lock and they could end up with just one top champion across both brands.

The WWE Tag Team Titles may also be split while the U.S States Title will be on one show while the Intercontinental Title will be on the other.

Top stars such as John Cena will be the main star on SmackDown while Roman Reigns will be the top star for Raw. It is believed Brock Lesnar will end up on Raw when he returns for his SummerSlam storyline.

It should be noted that things are  constantly changing with regard to a brand split and WWE are assuring fans that all the big questions will be answered in the next few weeks.

NFL star Rob Gronskowski revealed to Draft Kings that he is open to working for WWE in a wrestling capacity once his NFL career is over:

“My buddy Mojo Rawley, he’s in the WWE Gronkowski said.

“He’s doing great, about to be a superstar, I feel like. I watch him and he kind of inspires me to maybe someday get in the ring and be a WWE wrestler. That would be pretty cool. I don’t know if I would want to do it full-time, but I would definitely like to appear in the ring once and jump off the top rope, do something with an elbow drop.”

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