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Bas Doesn’t Believe Jon Jones is P4P King


UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten made his return to Submission Radio to talk about McGregor vs. Mayweather, and why Demetrious Johnson is better than Jon Jones and the number one pound for pound best fighter in mixed martial arts.

“Because his submission game is better than Jones,” explained Bas. “I’m not talking about guillotines and the other things that Jon Jones does. Demetrious Johnson can tap you with everything – with a toehold, heel hook, inverted heel hook, knee bar, you name it. Anything. Whatever mistake you make, he’s gonna get that – triangle chokes. I mean, he does it all.

“And then on his feet, he can knock you out. On his feet, nobody’s touching him and he’s always out of the way when people are punching him.

“And he’s just an unbelievable fighter. He attacks from all angles, he knocks you out with high kicks, knees to the body, knees to the head, I mean, elbows. The sky is the limit. Look at his record and then see how many different ways this guy’s won.”

“Demetrious Johnson, he doesn’t get the respect he really deserves. This guy’s better than Jones, Jon Jones. He’s the pound for pound best guy there is.”

“He’s working circles around everybody, he just beat – stopped – an Olympic gold-medallist, who was undefeated in Henry Cejudo – who did also Golden Gloves boxing. I mean, the sky is the limit. This guy is so good yet the fans for some reason don’t appreciate it. I don’t know how. This shows you that a lot of fans, they watch a fight for the hype, I guess. Or, of course a lot of older guys, they always think that the heavyweights are the toughest guys on the planet. But put Demetrious Johnson in a bar, I guarantee you he cleans out that whole bar. And you could put 300-pound guys in there. They’re not gonna make it. That’s how strong and good this guy is. People should just realize that.”

Bas also discussed whether Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor will ever fight.

“No and I truly believe it shouldn’t either,” said Rutten. “You know, I heard people say that I slammed Conor on Inside MMA because I said he’s not gonna win it.  Okay listen, if somebody’s a big Conor fan, it’s Bas Rutten and everyone knows that. I told it on the show many times. And if he would fight him, I would be one hundred percent rooting for [McGregor].”

“Let’s think about this match. Now I know [McGrergor] boxed from when he was 12 to 15 years old. I heard he had a junior title boxing belt in Ireland, that he trains with world champion boxers in Ireland in the gym, that he holds his own – I know all that.

“But you know, I boxed against really great boxers as well in the gym and I did really well against them, but that’s training. And training and fighting are two completely different things. For instance, in the training you never get tired. It’s very hard to get tired in training because you don’t have the stress. No adrenalin, no nothing. So but if you look at Conor, you know, I can guarantee you in the gym he doesn’t get tired. I guarantee you that after a workout, he does like seven rounds of five minutes focus mitts full blast or Thai pads, because that’s the shape he is. But once you put that under pressure – if you saw that against Nate Diaz, he ran out of gas after one and a half rounds because he was throwing power shots and he was chasing him the whole time.

“Now imagine that happening in boxing, against a guy like Mayweather, who fought many twelve-round fights – twelve rounds of three minutes. Imagine if he just runs out of gas after seven rounds. Let’s not even take a look at the Nate Diaz fight – If he makes that. Because Floyd…. Floyd is something, man. This guy… he is not a Nate Diaz, that is what I can say. And I know that Nate can take a shot, but in boxing, I don’t know that Nate is a great boxer. He’s great in MMA as a boxer, but put him against a professional boxer – and I don’t mean feeders. Because these guys with the record of like 2-24, you know, they fight a guy who’s like 12-0. You know they’re in there [to lose].

“But I think every top-20 MMA fighter can probably knock out a pro boxer who is a feeder. But another pro boxer? Like a top ten guy? Even if he would go out after Berto or something like that – I go like, dude, these guys, they’ve been busy. He’s been doing it for his whole life. What is Mayweather, forty years old? So he’s been boxing, let’s say thirty-six years probably, because I think he started at four. His father boxed, his uncles boxed. Everybody was good. He grew up in boxing, he only solely boxed. He did like ninety amateur matches, won three golden gloves titles – oh yeah, and then he’s 49-0 against the best boxers on the planet. And Canelo couldn’t knock him out, Berto couldn’t knock him out. Some people though dazed him, but he never got an official knockdown – Yeah he got one, but that didn’t really count.

“The guy, his defense is unbelievable. Why would you pick a guy like that and think that you could stop him? I love Conor. I love everything he does, but it’s like me in my prime saying, ‘okay, I’ll fight Mike Tyson. I’m really good.’ I’m going to get killed. I wouldn’t even fight Mike Tyson. [If] they tell me, ‘oh you want to fight him? I’ll give you two million dollars.’ And you always have these dumbasses who say ‘oh two million dollars, I’ll step in the ring with Tyson’ – they’ll kill you dude. I mean, if you get hit the wrong way, the power on a guy like that is just insane.

“Now of course Mayweather doesn’t have that kind of power, but he does have power. He did knock out over half of his fights. And these are, like I said, top guys on the planet. So it’s just one of those things where I say you’re grabbing too high. He’s been doing solely this for thirty-six or thirty-four years in his life, always against the best boxers, always been training two times a day. He’s a workhorse, he’s arguably the best boxer on the planet. I don’t see that [Conor could beat him]. I wish I did. If they fight, like I said, I want McGregor to win. Trust me. But I just don’t see that happening. I think it’s a really hard fight.”

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