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Mayweather vs McGregor to Happen Sept. 17th

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FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd says the rumored boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and ConorMcGregor is going to happened and he says why – money.

“I have already booked two rooms for Sept. 17 and 18 in Las Vegas,” said Cowherd. “My intel is, ConorMcGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is going to happen. It changed late last week. Got a call, then somebody else sent me something yesterday and Saturday. We’ve book rooms in Vegas … this September.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be a good fight. But it’s an event. Nik Wallenda, in Chicago, did a tightrope walk between condos and a parking garage. I watched. I don’t care about balance. I don’t care about … that part of Chicago doesn’t interest me. It’s not Lake Shore Drive. It’s not one of my favorite lounges. I watched a guy walk across a tightrope on a windy night in Chicago. And I’m like, ‘Oh this is fascinating.’

“I watched Evel Knievel as a kid. I watched Wide World of Sports. I watched presidential debates. Why do you have those debates? You have those debates not really to solve anything. Not really. It’s because CNN and FOX News, they can get big ratings, and sell it to advertisers, and it’s commerce.”

“This is gonna be commerce. That’s what it’s gonna be.”

“Does it have a little Bernie Madoff feel to it? Does it have a little Ponzi scheme? Does it have a little ‘this is going to be awful and we’re all going to pay 100 dollars? Yah I guess. But I’ve grown up with Nick Wallenda. I’ve grown up with Evel Knievel. I lived in Vegas for seven years. I grew up with Daredevils. I watch Evel Knievel, for the record, try to fly a rocketship over the Grand Canyon. It was pathetic. It last nine seconds.

“ABC built it’s whole afternoon schedule around it. It lasted nine seconds. In the end I think this is an incredible lopsided fight. I don’t think it would be close. I don’t know who needs it more. It seems to beConor McGregor doesn’t have 200,000,000 in the bank like Mayweather does. Mayweather could retire.

“Mayweather did have a very bad last pay per view gate – 550,000 people, he tries to get 2 to 3 million. So I think this is the most profitable fight for CBS and Mayweather. CBS has been working with Mayweather for years. That’s why his fights are on Showtime, because CBS owns Showtime.

“So [CVS President and CEO] Les Moonves and the CBS peeps have decided, ‘let’s talk to the Fox UFCpeeps’ and you’ve got Fox and CBS, you’ve got UFC, you’ve got boxing, you’ve got Floyd, you’ve got Conor. It’s gonna make a lot of money for people.”

“And for the record, Conor McGregor could lose this fight … so what.”

Mayweather wants to do it. McGregor wants to do it. The loss to the UFC brand of Conor McGregor losing to FMJ is minimal. In fact, the publicity would further the UFC brand. McGregor’s contract with the UFC prohibits him from competing in other combat sports, but if CBS can make it worth the UFC’s while, the fight will happen.

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