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Bret Hart and Linda McMahon Comment on Chyna’s Death, Breeze Plays Fans


Linda McMahon appeared on FOX Business this morning in which she discussed Chyna’s passing, calling it a “loss” and saying that she’ll be missed.

“It’s always a loss when you’ve had someone that’s come up in the ranks like Joanie [Laurer],” Linda said. “She was kind of in the forefront of the women’s power position in WWE, so she’ll be missed.”

In an interview with Notts TV while he was in Nottinghamshire last Friday, Bret Hart commented on Chyna’s death:

When asked about Chyna’s passing, he said that she should “absolutely” be in the WWE Hall of Fame and kicked the door open for women in wrestling, possibly more than anyone else. He said in spite of Chyna’s issues over the years, she had a “heart of gold” and was one of the nicest people you could meet. He felt bad for how her life turned out as she never seemed to get over falling out with Triple H.

He added: “Her career and everything went into the toilet at the same time. She’s definitely a tragic story in wrestling and it’s a shame that we lost her so soon.”

Since Tyler Breeze has been brought up to the main WWE roster his fans have been disappointed in his lack of a push. Tyler however, is remaining positive responding to his fan criticism on social media.

Check out Breeze’s response below:

Tyler Breeze: “This week on @WWE superstars Kalisto vs Breeze…. You won’t be disappointed”

Fan: “@MmmGorgeous @WWE Actually yes I will be…. Because your on superstars…. And you deserve better.”

Tyler Breeze: “You realize superstars is seen by a lot of people right? I’m huge overseas”

Fan: “@SirMikeFergus I wouldn’t mind seeing guys like Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin, Neville, etc. get sent to NXT to feud with Shinsuke.

Fan: “@ALEXVNDER_ it is a crime @MmmGorgeous never got an @WWENXT title run. Any star can be a success, @WWE just hates him.”

Tyler Breeze: “Some people need a title to be popular…. Some don’t”

Tyler Breeze: “2016 has been great! Underrated? People know how good I am”

Fan: “@MmmGorgeous @Matdu62500 @WWE it’s your gimmick and your finisher they suck.”

Tyler Breeze: “Dude you’re copying me in your profile pic…. PS terrible attempt”

Fan: “@MmmGorgeous if you’re on Superstars, you are a Jobber.”

Tyler Breeze: “So hold on… If you’re not on superstars and are just sitting behind Twitter trying to be cool… what are you?”

Fan: “@MmmGorgeous @WWE im not even gonna watch bc who watches superstars!? Amirite”

Tyler Breeze: “Half the world does”

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