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Jon Jones Admits to Being Addicted to a Drug

Jones' mug shot courtesy of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Detention Center (via FoxSports)

Jon Jones feels guilty. He led young, impressionable fighters astray with his partying ways. His fiancée, Jessie Moses, “put up with my s***” for seven years he says.

“I was a drug addict,” said Jones with all sincerity to USA Today Sports’ Martin Rogers in late March.


“One thing people don’t realize is that you can be a drug addict even if you are a stoner. If you are waking up every day and smoking, smoking before you eat, smoking before you train, smoke before you sleep, smoking before you watch a movie, smoking before your study session, you are an addict. It doesn’t have to be a hard drug to be an addict.

“If you’re spending lots of money on it and all your friends are people who do it as well and you don’t really associate with people who are completely sober, then, yeah, you are an addict. I think that’s why people have these issues with marijuana, because they don’t really consider it a drug.”

“It was literally what I would do in between fights. I was just sitting, enjoying life and thinking that I was a hippie. I didn’t feel I was hurting anyone else, didn’t feel I was being a bad person.

“It became who I enjoyed being. I thought I was preserving myself from all the negatives and evil of the world. I would pop out of my cave for fights.”

“I feel like I am having a come-to-Jesus moment right now. This is real stuff, and I feel so free talking about it now. A rough beginning doesn’t have to mean there is a rough end. I’m ready to be the best me I can be.”

“Because of (my brothers), you can’t question whether I’m a (natural) athlete. Despite being a bit of a knucklehead, I have a great mind for this game. Even though I have bad qualities in my personal life, as an athlete I can turn it on.

“I will get out there and train harder than anyone, five times a day sometimes. You have to be a special person to do that — like special forces, military maybe. You find a way to get to practice and do it one more time.”

Jones also feels he has been blessed, chosen by a higher power.

“You can call me crazy and it might make me sound narcissistic, but that’s what my psychology is,” said Jones. “(Me and my opponent), we are in my story.”

Jones also has self awareness, and told the reporter repeatedly he know if he falls into illegal behavior again, all these positive remarks will blow up in his face.

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