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Cyborg Wants a Child?

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Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg, and contracted UFC fighter Cris Cyborg spoke recently with Submission Radio. Cyborg fights Leslie Smith at a catchweight of 140 at UFC 198 on May 14, 2016 in Curitiba, Brazil, in front  of a hometown crowd.

“I think she has courage, because everyone said they don’t want to fight me and she said ‘no I want to fight Cyborg.’ And [she’s] even respectful too because she told me, ‘Cris, maybe we’ll fight together,’ Cause I know her, I said ‘yeah that’d be nice.’ And she said ‘I know it’s a big dream for you to be in the UFC and I want to be a part of that and we can make a nice fight.’ And I think she’s great and she has a big heart, and all the fights with her always go to points because she doesn’t give up and she walks straight [forward]. And I think she can be dangerous because she’s a striker and she don’t quit. You know, she likes to fight.”

Cyborg says she wants to keep fighting for Invicta at 145, and keep doing UFC superfights at 140.

“I think it would be super-fights for my fans, you know, super-fight for me,” she said. “And I don’t want to leave my division, I want to keep 145, want to keep the world champion, defend my belt. And after this fight hopefully I would like to fight in Invicta. And I think it’s a big challenge and opportunity for me to fight in the UFC [at] 140 [pounds].”

“I’m still world champion, I have to defend my belt. And Invicta opened the door for me, helped me, and I don’t want to leave the event. I want to defend my belt. Because the place has the respect and have my division. Of course I will fight in the UFC [at] 140, and if I have the opportunity to fight UFC again, okay, I can fight of course [at] 140. But I don’t want to leave my division. And if I’m the world champ, I cannot leave my division at 145.  And because the UFC don’t have my division, why I leave the one place that has my division? And if I can make a super-fight I will. Why would I want to leave Invicta? I want to defend my belt my next fight.”

“You know, Ronda Rousey before, when she started training, I was already world champ, and she started training, she started talking about me. And she made this game, saying she wanna fight me. And when I’d say I wanna fight her, she ran from the division – before that she was in my division – she went to 135. And you know, I don’t know if she will come back fighting after the Holly Holm fight. But it’s really normal when you lose or win. You know, you’re a fighter. You don’t need to be behind a pillow, and she did [that].

“But I can fight her anytime. You know, she just has to accept the weight. She cannot be like, ‘ahh It’s just 135.’ If you want to challenge yourself, we can fight at 140. She said this just because she wants to run from me for a long time, you know. And I think it’s a big fight that people want to watch. I think all the fans want to watch this fight, not just because me and her are great fighter but because she likes to speak so much.”

Cyborg was asked to choose who she wants a superfight with most, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate, or former champ Ronda Rousey.

“Yeah, I think Miesh can wait a little bit,” said Cyborg, laughing.

“I don’t think if Ronda would be the champ at 135 again – I think she would still run from me. I think she’d have an excuse, ‘ah, I don’t want to fight her, just 135.’ I think it would be the same. Don’t change. Maybe she’s fighting – I don’t know. But I think if she’d be world champ again, I think she would still run from me. Or maybe not. Or maybe she’s gonna challenge herself and stop talking and do something in the Octagon.”

But what if no one in the UFC is willing to move up five pounds for a superfight??

“This is why I keep my division [in Invicta],” she explained. “This is not my job to make the girls fight me at 140. I think this is the UFC’s job.”

“If UFC wanna make superfights, then they have to talk to the girls and make some superfights happen. This is not in my hands. In my hands is just to be ready to fight.”

Then she talked about life after fighting. She wants to fight for three more years, and then have children. Or maybe have a child, and then fight.

“I’ve been fighting almost ten years, eleven years, and I never fight for money,” she said. “I fight because I love this job and I know when you love your job and you work hard, God will bless you. And, you know, this is a dream, I want to have kids. And I’m 30 now, in three years I’ll be 33. And this plan still happen, it’s still going on in my mind. But you have to do a lot of things before you have a kid. You have to marry, you have to, you know, it’s a lot of things going on, not just have kids. But this is the dream. You know, it’s still in my heart. And I think when you get to 30, this dream becomes more closer than being a world champion of the division.”

“You know, to have a kid is one year. It’s not so much, it’s one year. I went in my career, I say maybe…10 years or 11 years fighting. But every two years, I think I stayed four years in my career in between camps, not fighting. Because I couldn’t find an opponent for me and didn’t have events. I don’t think it [would] change anything if I stopped for one year to have a kid and come back to fight. I don’t think it would be a big deal. I can do this. Because all my career it happened a lot of times and I always came back training.”

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