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Faber Implies Cruz Was on PEDs in Past

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Top UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber spoke recently with Submission Radio, ahead of his title fight withDominick Cruz at UFC 199 on June 4, 2016 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Faber bluntly implied that Cruz has been on PEDs in the past, and said that will be to his favor in June.

“I’ll tell you what has happened,” began Faber. “I’ve seen a drastic change in his body from the very first time that I fought him, to a year later when he fought, when he took the whole year off and came back all ripped. Then he looked pretty good two years ago when he made his long-awaited return, physically. And then all of a sudden he’s got floppy boobs and back fat. I mean, there’s no secret what’s going on there – and I know he knows it. The truth is, I’ve looked the same since I’ve been like 13-years-old. I’ve continued to be an athlete, I’ve continued to stay healthy. There’s something fishy going on there, and he knows and I know, that there’s a big advantage coming to me because of that. And I’ll just leave that at that and let USADA do their job.”

“And the truth is, I will give him the respect because he has the mental side and he has great technique, you know, for what he’s trying to do. But the truth is, he’s a fraction physically from what he used to be. And it’s still gonna be a very tough fight. I mean, you know, a world champion’s a world champion and that’s a mentality thing. But the odds are stacked in my favor.”

“When you don’t like someone you always just imagine yourself punching them in the face and knocking them out, and that’s the case. But I’ll do whatever I need to do. I’ll knock him out, I’ll choke him out, I’ll slam him on his head, I’ll you know, kick him in the nuts once at least – just joking – (laughs) and then whatever I need to do.”

“What I would like to do is beat Cruz, then fight Conor at 145.”

“I got a call from Dana White offering me the fight that Nate Diaz took. That’s a fact. So he told me I would never fight Conor, and Conor and I got into it on the show – and I actually like Conor. You know, we got into it on the show about ‘He wanted to fight me, I wanted to fight him in Ireland,’ and then Dana said ‘you guys will never fight.’ Then Dana called me in the morning and said ‘you know what, I told you you’d never fight, this is your opportunity. We want to give this to you, blah blah blah.’ I said ‘alright, let’s do it,’ and then I got a call back from Dana saying that Conor wanted to fight Nate. So that’s what happened. So it is foreseeable for sure.”

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