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TNA Behind the Scenes of Recent Mishaps


TNA Wrestling will be moving out of their current offices at Cummins Station in Nashville to the ShopTNA warehouse, which if you haven’t seen the photos is quite literally a warehouse (below). Dave Melzter of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that while the move has reportedly been planned for some time as a costing cutting measure (PWInsider), there is much more behind it.

TNA reportedly are unable to keep up with their rent at the offices and are being evicted by the building management leaving them no other choice but to move to their warehouse. In recent months, they moved down to the basement of the building where the TV editing equipment is. Dixie Carter had her Trifecta public relations company at Cummins stations for years before getting involved with TNA, an indication of how bad things really are for the company right now.

TNA does have an investor for the company who is willing to pump money into the company, although they want a controlling interest something which Dixie Carter is not willing to surrender at this stage, although it may get to a point whereby she has no other choice. There was talk of Carter retaining a 51% majority share in the company although it’s hard to see how that would work going forward.

Then an independent wrestler from Ohio by the name of Justin Carnes, who previously competed as a clown-type character by the name of “Krimson,” recently sent TNA Wrestling a cease and desist letter, asking for the company to stop using copyrights that he claims to have created in regards to Crazzy Steve and The Decay.

In an update, TNA Wrestling has officially responded to Carnes’ cease and desist letter. Their response is that Carnes’ claim would not hold up due to the fact that other wrestlers have worn face paint dating back to the 1980s, and there have also been countless wrestlers who have donned clown-type features, as well as similar wrestlers placed together in stables. Multiple sources have also stated that Carnes had previously claimed that his “Krimson” character was modeled after The Joker and other similar inspirations, citing independent bookers who Carnes had apparently written to seeking bookings. TNA Wrestling has also stated that neither Crazzy Steve nor The Decay will be pulled from television.

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