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Last NXT Before NXT Takeover: Dallas Results


WWE NXT Results 3/30

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Tonight’s show kick offs with Jason Jordan and Chad Gable: American Alpha. Their opponents tonight are John Skyler and Corey Hollis.

American Alpha vs John Skyler and Corey Hollis

Jordan kicks things off and picks up Hollis easily. Gable is tagged in and takes down Hollis and showboats with a crab. Hollis takes control, through and tags in Skyler. He has Gable in a wristlock but he fights his way out and grounds Skyler. Jordan is tagged in and hits a dropkick. Double team move from American Alpha as Gable is tagged back in and has Skyler in an arm bar. Skyler forces Gable to the corner and Hollis tags himself in. Gable tries to fight out but the two men take over and Hollis hits a knee for a 2 count. Belly to belly suplex to Hollis and Skyler from Gable and Jordan is now back in. He has Hollis in the corner and spears him before the number one contenders hit their double team finisher for the win heading into NXT Takeover: Dallas.

Winners: American Alpha

Time: 4:37

Post match, The Revival are seen watching a TV screen whilst American Alpha celebrate.

There’s a pre-taped interview where Finn Balor speaks about how Samoe Joe is ‘obsessed’. Balor says that he is obsessed with all of the wrong things, whilst he is obsessed with being the best and will beat Joe again in Dallas.

Baron Corbin is in action next and will be facing a local talent.

Baron Corbin vs Local Wrestler

Corbin has control from the off with his opponent getting in limited offence. He quickly hits ‘Deep Six’ for the win after just over 60 seconds.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Time: 1:04

After the match, Corbin picks up his opponent and plants him with End of Days.

A video package shows hyping up Zayn vs Nakamura. Current and past members of the roster such as Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Kevin Owens say how good of an addition he will be to the NXT Roster.

The next match of the evening will see NXT Tag Team Champions Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson, The Revival, going up against Tucker Knight and Gene Cutler.

The Revival vs Tucker Knight & Gene Cutler – Non-title

Dawson and Cutler start things off but Dash is tagged in almost immediately. Dash gets out of a hold with an elbow and kicks Cutler after he tags in Dawson. Dawson picks up his opponent and drops him on the ropes for a 2 count. Dash is the legal man again and has control in the middle of the ring. Double team from The Revival as Dawson drops Cutler on Dash’ knee. Another double team sees Dawson drop Cutler face first on the mat. Cutler is being isolated from his partner and the champs are stopping him from getting the tag. He eventually dodges a clothesline and tags in the 300 pound plus Knight who clears house. Knight lays out Dash with a dropkick and the 2 members of The Revival roll out the ring. Knight chases them and when he runs back into the ring, Dash and Dawson hit their double team finisher on Knight.

Winners: The Revival

Time: 4:43

American Alpha are seen backstage watching The Revival celebrate, just as the latter were earlier in the show.

Backstage, Bull Dempsey says Joe is jealous because Bull is in better shape than him. He won’t be bullied by anyone. The last lesson that Joe will learn on the road to Dallas will be that ‘Fit Happens’.

Coming up next is Apollo Crews against Alex Riley.

Apollo is out first, followed by his opponent Riley.

Apollo Crews vs Alex Riley 

The 2 lock up and Crews drops Riley with a shoulder block. He gets back and hits a big clothesline to knock down Crews. Riley hits Crews in the corner and then an elbow on the mat before going for a pin. Crews comes back off the corner with some clotheslines and takes down Riley. He then hits an Enziguiri followed by a Toss Powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Time: 1:56

Crews is celebrating after the match when Elias Sampson appears at the top of the ramp playing the guitar and singing. When he finishes, Crews invites him into the ring. Sampson takes off his guitar and walk towards the squared circle, but backs off.

Corbin is backstage and says Aries knows that what happened to him last time will happen again. At Takeover he will lose. He should go back to the crowds of 50 whilst Corbin will continue being the hottest start in NXT. There’s no shame in losing to a bigger man. The End of Days is coming for him.

A video package airs ahead of the NXT Womens Championship match on Friday – Bayley vs Asuka.

Sami Zayn is backstage and says it feels great he finally has his chance to get his hands on Kevin Owens at WrestleMania, but he’s not taking his eye off Nakamura. He talks about how first impressions are important, and how he made his against Cesaro a few years ago. Zayn isn’t going to let Nakamura come in and outshine his legacy. NXT Takeover: Dallas will be the biggest NXT show so far.

It’s Main Event time now. The number one contender for the NXT Championship will be going up against Bull Dempsey.

Samoa Joe vs Bull Dempsey 

The commentators say how this is this the Bull Dempsey of old that we are seeing tonight. Dempsey takes it right to Joe but he quickly turns the tables and lays into him in the corner. Enziguri in the corner from Joe. Joe hits an STO and locks in the Coquina Clutch for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Time: 1:30

Joe doesn’t stop the hold and the referees and other superstars pull him off of Bull. Joe throws the unnamed superstars out of the ring and goes back for Dempsey. William Regal is also out and warns Joe not to do any more but Joe locks in the clutch once more. The fans chant for ‘Finn’ and out he comes and takes out Joe. Balor dropkicks Joe out of the ring and the two are brawling outside of the ring. Balor is getting the most offence in and drives Joe through a barricade on the outside. Balor continues to take it to Joe. Joe then throws Balor right over the announce table they were brawling in front of and he takes out Tom Phillips and Corey Graves. Balor stands on the announce table and runs across it, jumping onto Joe. They continue to brawl with the referees having no joy in keeping them apart. Joe is finally escorted away as Balor looks on to end the show.

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