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Triple H’s Monarchy as Told by Former WWE Tag Champ Rene Dupree

(Triple H, WWE COO)

On patching things up with Sylvan Grenier:

“It’s cool. After my last podcast when I listened to it back I said it’s time f*cking grow up. There are fans out there that want to see me and Sly at these conventions so I actually called him as a man and I apologized for the things that happened in the past and me and him are back together. We’ve got a few bookings at signings and conventions and will get out there again. I think he called Rob Conway right away because he couldn’t believe it because they were trying for years and I was just a stubborn asshole and the first step is admitting you have a problem and when you are wrong you promptly admit it and you know what, it’s time to grow up. You can’t change the past but you can just make the future better and that is what I am going to do. You only have one life to live and you have to enjoy it.”

On his personal feelings about Triple H:

“Well I could torch the bridge on this one couldn’t I? I’ll tell you a story. I was walking backstage one day and there were two sisters that were seamstresses that have been there forever and their names are Julie and Terry. So Terry said hey we need to take your measurement and I asked if they were making me an outfit and she said that the office needs them to take everyone’s measurements. So her eyes get as big as saucers and she says Oh My God Rene, you are bigger than Hunter and we can’t have this. So she literally wrote two or three inches less so that Hunter would be bigger than me. That’s the f*cking mentality that you have to deal with. You think I am bulls*ting you? I am not. I talked to my mentor, Rip Rogers who told me that it’s always been that way and I say well that’s just f*cking stupid. A lot of people don’t like him (Triple H) but he’s living his dream. He is getting to hang out with rock stars and work out every night with dudes and who the hell wouldn’t want to hit Stephanie McMahon. He’s got three beautiful daughters that are healthy and the guy makes millions of dollars a year. Most guys that hate on him are just in envy. Envy is a sin and I try to avoid being a sinner.”

On if he has the WWE Network and if the WWE Network royalty argument is valid:

“No I don’t and I wish they would pay me for the WWE Network because I think everyone who is on it should get some type of royalty off of that. Because I guess you are still part of the company in some way if they are showing your stuff, but at the same time they say that nobody watches the “old stuff”. Well take off all the old stuff off and watch your f*cking subscriber count drop within six months. You know there is a lawsuit coming from that as well? They are being sued by everybody. They are being sued with the concussion lawsuit, the guys with the royalties and also the investors. Remember when they lost like 400 million dollars in one day? They pissed off a bunch of people and a bunch of investors are suing them too.”

On if he’s been contacted about the lawsuit:

“I cannot confirm or deny, I plead the fifth (laughing).”

On if WWE forced Daniel Bryan to retire:

“You never know. I think the fact they are being sued has a big part to do with it and I’d like to get that test too. I worked there for years and I took chair shots to the head and was knocked out and that they were very well aware of. Why can’t I get that test? I actually emailed them about it. I never heard back because yes I have free healthcare up here in Canada but we don’t have the advanced technology that Americans do. You pay out the ass for good healthcare but you get quality. I have a neurological exam coming up but we don’t have the machines that you do. A lot of guys would probably want to have the same thing. Could you please give me these tests and see if there is anything wrong up there? I’m showing all the symptoms and have been for years but..whatever. In due time.”

On if he follows the current product:

“It doesn’t matter. WWE, the brand is the future face of the company. They are going to draw one of the biggest audiences in the history of WrestleMania and is Cena on the card? No and they don’t need him. Look at who Undertaker is wrestling. The f*cking kid. It doesn’t matter. WrestleMania is the draw, WWE is the draw. You can break it down and say well the Cena tours draw this much but brother after two or three years they have seen your act and you are on so much television now they’ve seen your act and it’s old news quick. If nobody ever saw a “U Can’t See Me” ever again I don’t think they will care because they are ready for something new.”

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