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Undertaker’s Wrestlmania Opponent Revealed and Full WWE Raw Results

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Welcome to Monday Night Raw and Raw comes to us from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan

Video is shown from earlier today of Brock Lesnar assaulting Dean Ambrose after last night’s FastLane PPV

Vince McMahon makes his way out to the ring for the presentation of the Vincent J. McMahon award. Vince says tonight will be a night no one will ever forget because tonight they present the first ever Vincent J. McMahon award. Vince speaks about his family’s history. Vince then announces the recipient of the Legacy of Excellence Award and it is Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie comes out to the ring and Vince says no one deserves this award more than her and he is so proud of her and she possesses a lot of his dad’s attributes. Stephanie says all the people are being so supportive of her receiving this award and no one has been more supportive than her partner the WWE World Champion Triple H.

Before Stephanie can continue, Shane McMahon makes a surprise appearance. Vince goes in for a hug but Shane stops him as the crowd starts a “Shane O Mac” chant.  Shane calls the Legacy Of Excellence award a great idea. But, it should be bestowed upon someone worthy of it and it’s not Stephanie

Stephanie tells Shane this is her moment and that’s her award. Shane says she hasn’t earned it. Stephanie says her and Triple H have been running a successful business here whether the WWE Universe appreciated it or not

Shane runs down the way Stephanie and Triple H have run the company into the ground. Stephanie calls Shane a quitter and tells him to get out of her ring. Shane tells Stephanie it’s Vince’s ring.

Shane reminds Stephanie of how Vince messed up big time a few years ago and he was there to save him and they cut a deal. Stephanie leaves the ring and Vince and Shane talk business and Shane says he wants control of Monday Night Raw. Vince says he’d be controlling the entire company and it can’t happen things have changed.

Vince says Shane is just out here to pick a fight. Vince says he’ll make Shane a deal. He’ll give Shane what he wants as long as he has one match, one night. If Shane wins, he gets his wish. If Shane loses he gets the key to Shane’s lockbox in his possession so Shane can’t hold anything over his head.

He names the time, and the opponent. Shane agrees and Vince says he’s going to name the place and the opponent. The place is Wrestlemania, and Shane’s opponent will be The Undertaker and it’s going to be Hell In A Cell



Wristlock by Woods, countered by Kalisto. Kalisto with an armdrag as Woods slides to the outside where New Day are regrouping as Raw goes to break


Luchas double team Woods as Raw comes back from break. Sin Cara with a swanton from the apron. Neville in with a moonsault onto Woods and Neville works away on the arm.

Woods gets to the ropes and the referee calls for a break. Right hand by Woods and Neville in the wrong corner. Neville with a kick to Woods who was celebrating. Kingston in and Neville with a jawbreaker.

Big E in now with a belly to belly. Big E stomps away on Neville and Kingston picks up where Big E left off and Kingston and Big E with frequent tags as Woods works the trombone. Kick to Neville by Kingston. Kingston prevents a tag and connects with a dropkick. Woods with another dropkick to Neville.


Kingston with a kick and snapmare takedown. Woods with a dropkick and Big E in with a big splash onto Neville. Woods back in and Neville sent into the turnbuckle. Woods gets sent over the ropes hitting the steps

Kingston with a clubbing blow to Neville. Kalisto knocked off the apron. Sin Cara taking out all members of New Day. Springboard from the second rope by Sin Cara. Chops to Kingston.

Kingston gets knocked off the apron and Sin Cara dives through the ropes onto Kingston. Big E breaks up a nearfall. Dropkick to Woods by Kalisto. Big E and Kingston sent to the outside. Woods on the outside. Neville with a shooting star press from the apron.

Sin Cara misses with a swanton but lands on his feet. He goes to plant Kingston but Kingston counters and hits Trouble In Paradise for the three count

The winners of the match: New Day

Backstage: Roman Reigns says all he knows as far as the attack on Dean Ambrose is what he saw in the video. April 3, none of the family stuff it just comes down to himself and Triple H and he likes his odds


Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out to the ring and Heyman says this is the main event of the evening because any segment involving Lesnar is the main event of the evening

Last night, in the main event of WWE FastLane Lesnar took Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to Suplex City and Lesnar locked the Kimura on Reigns and was seconds from tapping out

Just as Reigns was about to tap out, along comes Dean Ambrose who took a competitive triple threat match into a no holds barred street fight and took Lesnar out of the main event of Wrestlemania.

And then Ambrose took himself out of the main event so today as soon as Ambrose arrived at the arena, Lesnar got his revenge. Heyman shows the video of Lesnar assaulting Ambrose and Heyman says no shield can protect Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar is the main event. Not Triple H nor Roman Reigns are the main event when Brock Lesnar is on the card. Heyman’s mic cuts out and Heyman asks for a new one and says if he’s feeling destructive how destructive do you think Lesnar is and Lesnar is looking for a Wrestlemania opponent.

On the big screen, an ambulance is pulling into the parking lot. Ambrose steps out and drags himself down to ringside. Lesnar just steps over him and walks to the back. Ambrose calls Lesnar out and says he wants Lesnar at Wrestlemania. No Holds Barred street fight. Lesnar makes his way back down to ringside and picks Ambrose up and delivers an F5



The Dudleys come out and cut a promo on The Usos saying their father, instead of shopping for thongs should have taught The Usos respect. The Dudleys are here to remind The Usos they are not a nostalgia act, they are the most decorated champions. Nine time champions and their legacy will not be defined by a piece of furniture. Their legacy will be defined by their accomplishments and that is why no one will ever see tables again

Jimmy unloads with punches on Viktor. Konnor gets knocked off the apron. Viktor throws Jimmy into the corner. Clubbing blow to the back and Jey tags in Jey knocks Konnor off the apron

Samoan Drop to Viktor. Jey with a running back splash. Double team to Konnor and double superkick to Viktor. Jey off the top rope with a big splash for the three count

The winners of the match: The Usos


Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and welcomes everyone to Raw is Jericho and has a little story about a competitor he’s heard about all these years named AJ Styles. When he debuted in the Royal Rumble he didn’t like him and couldn’t understand how a person can call themselves Phenomenal when he hasn’t even had one match in WWE.

Then he had three matches and each one was better than the rest. AJ beat him last night and said he didn’t like Styles or respect him but has a few more things he wants to say face to face and calls Styles out to the ring.

Styles comes out and the crowd starts an “AJ Styles-Y2J” chant. Jericho thanks Styles for coming out to the ring and says last night he said the pressure was on and if he beat Styles it would derail his WWE career down the road. He said he respects Styles and congratulates him and says Styles proved he belongs here in the WWE and has what it takes to make it to the top as WWE Champion. Styles also proved he’s not good or great. He is phenomenal.

Social Outcast come out and applaud mockingly. Slater calls this such a “memorable moment” and is sorry they’re interrupting just as they were about to hug. Bo Dallas says it’s so beautiful to see so much love in the ring. Curtis Axel calls this garbage and says he can see through Jericho and only reason he’s playing nice is because Styles made him tap out and Styles is going to shake hands after what he said. Where Slater comes from they call that a coward

Adam Rose says no one is buying Y2AJ. They are not a team. Social Outcasts are a team and Jericho and Styles need to get out of their ring. Jericho calls Slater a ginger jackass and tells him to shut up. He didn’t plan on being a team with Styles but maybe they should be and officially makes it a team and starts with Social Outcasts



Running forearms to Slater. Styles Clash countered by Slater. Rose gets knocked down. Dallas is knocked down. Slater stomps away on Styles. Right hand by Axel. Dropkick to Styles

Slater wears Styles down. Jericho in unloading with chops on Axel. Axel sends Jericho over the ropes. Jericho off the ropes takes out Axel. Springboard kick takes out Slater

Axel avoids the moonsault. Jericho looks for The Walls. Styles takes out Slater with a forearm. Jericho has it locked in forcing the tap out

The winners of the match: Y2AJ

The Authority’s Office: Triple H is comforting Stephanie and Stephanie says this was supposed to be her night. Legacy Of Excellence award until her brother interrupted with some bogus claim he’s holding over her father. Triple H says not to worry. Shane is and always has been a failure and asks if she wants him to go talk to Roman Reigns. Stephanie says she’ll go and leaves the office


Backstage: Stephanie asks Roman Reigns where he’s going. He says he’s[ going to check on Ambrose. Stephanie says he won’t be doing that because he has a match against Sheamus tonight who will be accompanied by The League Of Nations and calls them a real brotherhood unlike Reigns and Ambrose

Backstage: R-Truth is in his locker room and Goldust walks in and apologizes to Truth for costing him his match last night and brings out a cake that says I’m Sorry. Goldust says its a cake with yellow frosting just like them Golden Truth. Truth says he doesn’t want Goldust’s apology, cake or be his tag team partner. Goldust says they can predict each other’s moves and Truth says Goldust must think he’s going to put that cake in Goldust’s face and Truth says he’s better than that, walks out then back in and hits Goldust in the face with the cake



Kane unloads with punches on Wyatt. Wyatt turns the tables on Kane. Harper tags in and Ryback tags in delivering a series of punches and headbutt. Irish whip to Harper. Armlock and Kane tags in with a right hand and headbutt. Irish whip reversed by Harper and Harper connects with a dropkick. Rowan in unloading on Kane. Right hand to Kane and Rowan stomps away on Kane. Irish whip by Rowan and Kane explodes with a clothesline

Ryback unloads on Rowan. Ryback ducks clotheslines and connects with a crossbody. Running high knees to Rowan. Roawan with a neck snap off the ropes. Rowan back in and Ryback with a spinebuster. Rowan to the outside and Ryback connects with a clothesline


Harper with a slam and Rowan with an elbow to Ryback. Ryback laid out across the top rope and Rowan delivering clubbing blows. Ryback on the top rope and Rowan hooks him up.

Ryback blocks a superplex and shoves Rowan off the ropes. Missile dropkick by Ryback. Big Show unloads with clotheslines. Spear on Wyatt, Big boot to Kane. Show with a chokeslam to Rowan. Back splash to  Wyatt. Strowman pulls the top rope down as Show topples to the outside. Wyatt follows with a kick to the ribs.

Show is rolled back into the ring. Harper taking over delivering an uppercut. Chop by Show to Harper. Uppercut and kick to Show. Knee to the midsection. Harper runs into a Big Show chokeslam but Harper counters with a sleeperhold. Side suplex breaks the hold. Kane in with a DDT to Harper

Kane with a chokeslam to Harper. Wyatt from behind with Sister Abigail to Kane for the three count as Ryback leaves ringside and walks back up the ramp

The winners of the match: The Wyatt Family


Backstage: Rich Brennan catches up with Ryback and asks why he walked out on his tag team partners. Ryback says he’s done being in tag teams and it’s time for him to stand on his own. He has no bone to pick with Kane or Big Show. It’s nothing personal. The spotlight should be on him. That glass ceiling? that brass ring? Break It….Take It


Sasha and Naomi lock up. Side headlock by Sasha. Naomi with an irish whip but Sasha with an armlock. Roll through nearfall by Sasha. Jackknife cover and Naomi bridges out.

Naomi with a kick. Naomi hangs Sasha out to dry and a kick to Sasha series of punches to Sasha and Tamina pulls Sasha off the apron


Back from break and Sasha with a handful of hair plants Naomi. Kicks to Naomi. Off the ropes, Sasha with a double knee. Sasha runs to the corner jumps on the apron. Sasha goes to the top rope but Tamina with the distraction.

Becky Lynch runs out and attacks Tamina as Sasha locks in the Bank Statement for the tap out

The winner of the match: Sasha Banks

Post Match: Charlotte comes out cries mockingly saying she’s so moved by Becky and Sasha bonding it’s like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler only with cheaper hair dye. After speaking with The Authority there will be a #1 contender contender’s match to see who really faces Charlotte for the Diva’s Championship. it will be Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks



Reigns started in control as the crowd settled in. Sheamus cut off Reigns to pound away on him. Reigns made a comeback to audible boos. The crowd started a light dueling chant that did not pick up steam and faded out. Meanwhile, the announcers tried to sell Reigns with the line about “whether you like Reigns or not, you can’t underestimate his fight.” Reigns found himself on the floor, where Sheamus used the numbers advantage to knock down Reigns heading to break


Reigns and Sheamus trading kicks and punches. Sheamus with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Reigns with a Superman Punch and Sheamus rolls to the outside. Reigns follows and spears Sheamus.

Reigns beats the ten count and makes it back into the ring. Triple H walks out and a brawl ensues between Roman Reigns and Triple H. Reigns lands a Superman Punch and throws Triple H into the timekeeper’s area. Triple H grabs the bell and hits Reigns in the throat. Triple H repeatedly bouncing Reigns’ head off the announce table busting him open

Reigns a bloody mess as Triple H lands punches to the face bloddying Reigns even more. Officials run out to try and break it up but Triple H grabs the steps and pedigrees Reigns on them before leaving the ringside area as Raw goes off the air

The winner of the match: No Contest


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