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Santiago Blasts Ruiz for Sweep on FS1 PBC Toe-to-Toe Tuesday

Featured Bout:
Lanell Bellows vs Antowyan Aikens
Rd. 1-3
Bellows controlled pace, pressured, and outlanded Aikens. Lanell dictated where the fight went and always beat Aikens to the punch in exchanges. Antowyn would land a little towards the end of each round. Bellows came on strong in Round 3 and landed heavy shots to the body and head of Aikens, Lanell then missed a few hard right hooks that came close to landing. Bellows connected with a hard hook to the head as Round 3 ended.
Rd. 4-6
Bellows continued the pressure and landed more heavy hooks to the head of Antowyan. Aikens mounted slight offense to the body, then clinched Lanell a good bit. Bellows landed some good jabs in the fifth, then a clobbering left hook that rocked Aikens in seemingly the most significant punch of the night. Bellows then followed up shortly thereafter with another that floored Aikens and he was able to make it to one knee but that was it.
Bellows (15-1-1) def. Aikens (10-1-1) via KO at  2:08 of the 5th Rd.
Co-Main Event:
Light Heavyweight Bout
Lionell Thompson (16-3) vs Paul Parker (7-1)
Rd. 1-3
Parker established his jab early on, and used his height to keep the smaller Thompson out of his range. Paul landed a good right hook, then ate one from Lionell. Thompson came out in the second round and landed some good jabs, but ate some jabs as well. Very evenly matched fight after the second round. Lionell evaded Paul’s early round punches, But Paul landed a sneaky stiff right hook that made Thompson’s glove scrape the ground and forced referee Jay Nady to make a count that Lionell quickly answered. Paul pressured forward and the pair exchanged a few hard shots. Lionell established his jab well as the round ended.
Rd. 4-6
Lionell came out pressuring surprisingly, then Paul took the reigns again. Thompson landed some nice combos and worked the body of Parker. Thompson became the aggressor but ate another hard hook from Paul. The pair exchanged in the fifth and Lionell’s jab was effective once more. Thompson was able to work inside then back out against Parker. Lionell opened round 6 with a hard combination of body shots and finished with a solid right hook to the dome of Paul. Parker fought back with a hook over the top but ate a body shot. They both landed hard hooks, then both landed jabs.
Rd. 7-8
They again both land jabs at the same time, Lionell was able to evade most of Parker’s offense. Thompson ate a hook but landed a hook over the top, then ate a jab to close the 7th round. They both land then dodge jabs, Lionell landed a tight right hook but ate one as well, then Paul landed three in a row up top. Thompson landed a hook to the dome then a straight and evaded Paul to finish the final round.
76-75 Parker, 76-75 Thompson, 76-75 Parker
Paul Parker (8-1) def. Lionell Thompson (16-4) via Split Dec.
Main Event:
Alexis Santiago (20-3-1) vs Erik Ruiz (15-4)
Rd 1-3.
Ruiz landed a small hook to the body, but ate an uppercut to the head. Alexis landed some jabs then a hook to the head, Santiago lit Ruiz up with three hooks and an uppercut. Santiago landed another hard left hook, The pair exchanged fast shots to end the round. Santiago blocked most of Erick’s punches and landed another hard hook, then another. Alexis ate a hard uppercut but landed two straight hooks, then a right and left hook combo. The pair begin fighting in a phone booth with both landing hard shots. Alexis is landing the harder shots then the round ends. Both come in and land left hooks, then “Beaver” chants start to echo through the arena aimed at Alexis. Santiago landed a hook then a body shot, then a hard left hook to the head. He begins landing the left hook upstairs at will, but ate a rarely seen combo from Erick.
Rd. 4-6
Erick landed a jab then a hook to the body of Santiago, but ate a body hook just as quick. Alexis landed a combo of body-body-head, and Erik hit gloves a lot but finally landed a body blow. Alexis landed jabs then a left hook, and the pair exchanged once more to end the round. Erik was too slow on the draw and ate another combo, but then landed two hooks. Alexis landed jabs then another combo, then more jabs. Alexis started to tee off with uppercuts and hooks, both to the body and head. Santiago landed more uppercuts then another hook and dodged any offense from Erik and landed one final hard hook before the round ended. Santiago continues to land combos ending in either an uppercut or right/left hook. Alexis landed a crunching body shot and established his jab again, Erik lowered his hands for some reason and ate another nasty combo.
Rd. 7-8
Alexis started pouring the offense on with jabs and hooks but did eat a jab from Erik. Alexis’s left hook seemed like a constant in the fight, he continued to land it. More Beaver chants came from the crowd and another left hook followed. Erik landed a right hook but ate a left uppercut, then a right cross. Alexis landed a left hook yet again but Erik stayed game for a fight, Erik landed a left hook then ate another. Santiago gets riled up and lands right and left hooks to end the round.
Rd. 9-10
Alexis seems to want the finish and came out strong, left and right hooks to the body and head of Erik. Alexis ate a right hook then a right hook to the body, but answered with a left hook. Another left hook lands for Santiago then a left uppercut, followed by a combo. Erik is being outclassed, but exchanges with Alexis to end the ninth round. Beaver chants greet Alexis in the final round, but Erik greeted Alexis with a hard left jab. Alexis landed a hard four punch combo, then a left hook, then a left jab. The pair stand toe-to-toe  landing back and forth as more Beaver chants ring out. Santiago lands one final combo to end the fight that should be an easy decision win.
Alexis Santiago def. Erik Ruiz via UD (100-90, 99-91, 98-92)
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