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CWC 8 Results: Boudoin Beats The Clock For Title


Results of CWC 8:

Hayden Parsons def. Malcolm Williams via TKO Rd. 1

Alex Pierce def. James Blanchard via Sub (verbal) Rd. 1

Roland Landry def. Jorge Martinez via TKO Rd. 1

Chris verdin def Anthony morales via sub (guillotine) Rd 2
*Strike Only Bout*
Joel Duran def. Zach Hicks via TKO (leg injury) Rd. 1
Xavier Hightower def. Mac Callsis via Submission (triangle choke) in Rd. 2.
FOTN The time of finish hasn’t been announced all night but this fight finished with one second left in the round.
Jervon Beverly def. Orlando Walker via Submission (Strikes)
Ryan Carroll def. Louis Ginorio via TKO Rd. 1
Macy Breaux def. Christin Campos via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Rd. 1
Amateur Super Heavyweight Title
Patrick Thompson (0-2) vs Jeff Ronquille (4-1)
Leg kicks by Jeff early then they both swung for the fences, Jeff bullied Pat along the fence and ate two upper cuts to the body. He made Pat eat a knee to the body, Pat returned a knee of his own then Jeff took Pat down and took his back and landed close to 15 blows, Pat managed to get back up only to be taken down again. Jeff continued to land punches while leaning on Pat, Pat got up and was taken down again then the bell sounds. Jeff did a Shakira-like belly dance to amuse the crowd
Rd. 2
Pat landed a hard leg kick and tried to keep a distance. The pair circle and Jeff catches a leg kick and pushed Pat along the fence and took him down again. Jeff took Pat’s back and landed blows on both sides of the head. Jeff landed blow after blow but without much sting on his punches however after too many the ref called the fight.
Jeff Ronquille def. Pat Thompson via TKO Rd. 2
Amateur Middleweight Title Fight
Tony Jenkins (4-4) vs Brian Wells (8-3)
Rd. 1
Wells shot immediately and landed a takedown but got caught in a guillotine that he fought out of. Brian landed knees to the body, Jenkins fought his way up and pushes Brian against the cage. But Wells fights out with another takedown, and he worked into Jenkins’s guard. They both stand up to end the round.
Rd. 2
Wells scored another takedown immediately. The pair scrambled along the mat and Brian gets full mount. He worked on landing then took Tony’s back then back to mount. Brian is absolutely suffocating, and takes side mount then back to full and landed light shots to end the round.
Rd. 3
Brian circled to start the third then shot and scored another takedown and immediately got into side control. Brian landed some shots to the ribs and elbows to the head but not enough as the ref stood them up. Wells takes Jenkins right back to the ground and landed some punches to end the round.
Brian Wells def. Tony Jenkins  via UD
Amateur Featherweight Title Fight
Jatory Evans (4-7) vs Chad Boudoin (5-0)
Rd. 1
Both come out swinging wildly, Chad missed a combo. Evans landed a hard right hook then knees to the body while he had Chad in a Muay Thai clinch, then a knee to the face, and to the body again. Chad landed a combo but Jatory pressured along the cage. Again the pair exchanged wildly and with ten seconds left Chad landed a looping left hook to knock Jatory out cold and seal the gold.
Chad Boudoin def. Jatory Evans via KO Rd. 1
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