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Thursday Night Fights Results: Marks Massacres and McDaniel Manhandles



135 lbs Devon Parker (1-4) v Austin Dulay (2-0)

Rd. 1

The opener didn’t last too long as Devin was knocked down early in first, Austin kept the offense up. Dulay then finished him with combos to the body to drop him again and Parker didn’t answer the 10 count.

Austin Dulay def Devon Parker via TKO at 2:04 of Rd. 1
125 lbs Nickloas Bernard (0-1) vs Cole Crumpler (3-0)
Rd. 1
Crumpler came out swinging hard and landed left and right hooks over and over. Bernard lasted a little longer but a few more left hooks and he was visually out on his feet, he finally dropped after eating more left hooks and the ref thankfully waved the fight off.
Cole Crumpler def Nickloas Bernard via TKO at 1:35 of Rd. 1
HVY Jarred Markel (0-1) vs Jonathan Guidry (3-0-1)
Rd. 1
Guidry landed some good straight jabs early on, and a right hook to the body then started to showboat. He continued the body hooks and left jabs. Jared coudln’t get a clean hit in and Guidry toyed with him once more. Jared started to land a little bit but ate another left hook to end the round.
Rd. 2
Jared landed a hard left hook, Guidry killed the body but ate some jabs up top and waved Jared on. Guidry continued to land hard on the body. Jared did more work but ate two hard hooks coming in. Guidry can’t seem to keep his hands up and his mouth piece is knocked out that prompted a pause to the action by the ref. Jared came in swinging and the pair ate hard punches to end the round.
Rd. 3
Jared went on the offensive once more with hard shots to the dome of Guidry. He pinned him along the ropes and kept the pressure up. The pair reached the center once more and it’s rockem-sockem robots in the ring as the crowd cheers. Guidry landed some hard shots but is exhausted, Guidry began putting his all into every punch but Jared weathered the late storm and returned fire to end a raucous round.
Rd 4.
Guidry landed solid jabs and a right cross, and peppered the body again. Both fighters don’t have much on their punches but Jared stalks, both miss wildly then both connect with hooks and uppercuts. Guidry landed a hard body shot and with 10 seconds left they both get after it till the end.
Jonathan Gudry def Jared Markel via UD (no scores announced) 
153 lbs Tamorris Porter (0-1) vs 150 lbs Jonathan Steele (6-0)
Rd. 1
Porter came in with a flurry but missed mostly, Steele lands a jab, Steele lands two hard right hooks and continued to land jabs, Porter continued to miss and Steele picked him apart with jabs. Steele is landed wherever he wanted including an overhand right and Porter just looked outclassed. Porter ate another right hook and a jab to end the round.
Rd 2.
Porter missed wildly, Steele landed a jab upstairs at will, and started toying with Porter knowing the victory is imminent. Steele tagged the body, Porter missed 4 in a row, Steele landed a hard right hook upstairs and then one to the body as Porter asked for a break, and Steele allows Porter to survive another round
Rd 3.
The fight is called as Porter doesn’t answer the bell for round 3.
Jonathan Steele def Tamorris Porter RTD rd. 3
130 lbs Chad Broussard (1-3) vs Rennard Oliver (1-0-2)
Rd. 1
Broussard attacked the body early, Rennard came back swinging hard. Rennard landed hard hooks but ate a left hook, Chad landed more body shots and the pair ripped each other’s body on the ropes. Rennard landed a check hook upstairs, then landed a hard combo while Chad landed some to the body before the bell sounded.
Rd. 2 
They both respect distance early, Chad defended well, Rennard landed three shots to the body, Chad landed a hard right hook to the dome. Chad backed Rennard up and the pair exchanged heavy shots and literally go back and forth to end the round.
Rd. 3
Rennard hit Chad in what looked like a slip but the ref counted it as a knockdown. They both connect on hard right hooks and both are wobbled, Rennard went hard on the offense and landed a few body shots but Chad answered with a few of his own before the round ended.
Rd. 4
Both came out furiously knowing the match could go either way and Rennard stifled Chad with a hard hook. Rennard landed another hard right but Chad pressed forward, Chad started landing hard shots and Rennard is somewhat stunned. Chad landed another left hook and they both land hard right hands. Rennard lands a one-two over the top and Chad answers with a right hook to end the round.
This was the most closely contested fight of the night and could have gone either way, it would’ve been interesting to know what the scores were.
Rennard Oliver def Chad Broussard via Unanimous Decision (no scores given)
160 lbs Thomas Allen (4-10-1) vs Zane Marks (19-7)
Rd. 1
Zane landed a quick one two and a fast hard jab, then two straight left hooks followed by a right hook. Thomas landed a hook to the body and  Zane missed wildly but then landed a left hook to the head and right to the body and it’s all Zane in the opening round.
Rd. 2
Zane landed an inside hook to the body and backed Thomas into a corner and absolutely let the dogs out. Hooks to the body, uppercuts to the head and the only retreat for Thomas was to touch the mat and he doesn’t answer the 10 count.
Zane Marks def. Thomas Allen via TKO at :43 of rd 2
165lbs  Joshua Robertson (7-11) vs Marcus McDaniel (13-0)
Rd. 1
Marcus landed a left hook early, and dodged anything Josh had to offer, Marcus ripped the body. Marcus landed lefts and right hooks to the head of Josh, then a right hook to the body that stunned him. Josh has nothing to offer and landed a single uppercut in the round.
Rd 2.
Marcus backed Josh up with jabs and lands a hard hook that stuns Josh. Marcus surprisingly misses a few shots and  Josh lands a hook to the dome then lands and smothers Marcus. Marcus answers with a hard uppercut and the round ends.
Rd 3. 
Marcus landed a left and right hook and continued to dominate. Marcus landed a hard right hook and backed Josh up. Josh then throws off balance coming forward, then ate a check left hook and Marcus lands a jab and slips a few, he follows with two left hooks. Robertson landed a few body shots on the ropes to end the round.
Rd 4.
Marcus was still treating Josh like a punching bag, his right hooks started to wear on Josh. Another right hook annoyed Josh who missed wildly. A left hook from Marcus followed and Marcus bullied along the ropes. Josh landed a rare body shot, but ate two left hooks. Another left hook lands and then Marcus landed 5 in a row and showboated to end the round.
Rd 5
Marcus is toying with Josh, dancing and landing as every one of Josh’s punches are blocked or slipped. Marcus landed an uppercut then a right that wobbled Josh on the ropes. Marcus landed 4 to the body, then a hard right to the head. Josh landed a right to the body and Marcus answered with two to the dome. Marcus lands a 5 punch combo to end the round.
Rd 6
Marcus landed a right, another right, and Marcus moves around. The crowd is getting restless that Marcus won’t put Josh away. Marcus landed a right that wobbled Josh but gets hit when he comes in. The pair laugh but the crowd is annoyed with the antics. Marcus lands two more jabs, Josh lands two to the body. Marcus lands two rights to end the round.
Rd. 7
Marcus landed a jab, Josh lands some body shots on the ropes, and some soft shots to the face. Marcus landed a hard uppercut, and a left hook, then two right hooks, a jab to the body, then the head and it’s just target practice. Another uppercut to the head and the round ends.
Rd 8
Marcus landed a right hand, then a left, another left, Marcus lands 5 in a row, Marcus talks to the crowd while being hugged by Josh. Marcus landed a right hook, left hook and Josh continues to hug as  the crowd started to leave early and Marcus lands hard body shots but Josh survives.
It was a paradox that Marcus couldn’t put Josh away, the fight could’ve honestly been stopped by the referee just by the sheer amount of punches that landed. If compubox statistics were being utilized the punch percentage of Marcus could’ve been around 80.
Marcus McDaniel def. Josh Robertson via UD (no scores given)
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