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Holm Says Punching Rousey’s Face was “Satisfying”

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New UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm (10-0) was recently interviewed by MMA Fighting and the preacher’s daughter had a pretty dark outlook of enjoyment in her fight with Ronda Rousey. More specifically she enjoyed bashing Rousey’s face.

“I guess that is satisfying,” Holm said of landing punches to Rousey’s face. “I’m not going to say I don’t love to punch people in the face. But that’s just part of the sport. Every time I land a punch, it’s satisfying because I know I just scored. I know I’m on top. It’s like a chess match, I know that I landed a good one. It’s not like, ‘Oh I hurt someone.’ It’s like an instant gratification of a bit of an accomplishment. It’s hard to explain.”

Holm and Rousey had a memorable weigh-in skirmish that ended in the pair almost coming to blows. However Holly doesn’t fault Rousey for the shoving.

“I don’t take it personally,” Holm said. “There’s a lot of emotions involved in a fight and if anybody has ever been in there, they know that. There’s a lot of emotions, it’s tense. People get worked up. Some people do it so they can kind of get up for the fight. But for me, I don’t take anything personal. I just want to get in there and win.”

After the bout ended and Holm was seated atop the throne of the UFC Women’s Bantamweight division, emotions took over.

“I cried so much,” Holm said. “It wasn’t always good or bad. It was both. Some days, I just wouldn’t perform very well in practice and I would get very frustrated and I would cry and I would tell my coaches, if I perform like that, that is not gonna get me the victory. So I’d go back later that night and train more. Then there would be days that I would do so great and everything would go great and I would just feel it. I would sense victory. I could taste it. Then I would just get so happy I would cry. It was a little bit of both.”

Holly also admitted she is open for a rematch.

“If she wants a rematch and they put it together, I think that that’s always — you always gotta give the rematch,” Holm said. “That’s just the way it goes.

“If you’re a real champion, you’re gonna do that. You’re gonna give them the rematch. Of course I’m gonna train even harder and better for the next fight, because I know she’ll come back swinging.”

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