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Chaz Morgan Looks to Rebound at Island Fights 36

August 1st 2015, Hammond, Louisiana Heavyweight MMA fighter, Chaz Morgan (10-1) suffered the first defeat of his professional career. Chaz lost via TKO to Alex Nicholson (6-1) with only a minute left of the first round in a fight that Morgan was clearly dominating. Morgan, like the fans in attendance were taken aback.
“I was just in shock.” Chaz said,  “I did everything right till the last second. I beat the guy up really bad. Broke his jaw. Broke his pallet. He never landed a punch until the end of the fight. But that’s how crazy Mma is. One mistake can cost you the fight. It was a huge upset and the crowd was in shock as well. After a few days or weeks I was able to come to grips with reality that I made a huge mistake by taking the fight. I was badly injured and could hardly walk the whole training camp and wasn’t able to get in the right conditioning to be fully prepared to be my best. I guess I was a little over confident about my skills. I knew I would dominate the fight and I did just that. But once I got tired I got off balance due to fatigue and that’s when I got caught. I was really upset with myself. But it was a learning process and I’m fine with it now. Just another valley or turn in the journey.”
The match was being billed as “Whoever wins gets a UFC opportunity.” With so much at stake, the pair exchanged in heated verbal altercations over social media, mainly via Facebook. After the fight, a rematch was vocally agreed upon but then controversy ensued.
“There’s no rivalry. We talked a lot on social media for promotion sake. We took it too far. He hates me. I don’t care for him. I’m looking to get that rematch in February. His jaw has been broken so we were not able to do it in November that’s why I took the fight vs Merritt. I believe I have a lot more skills and if I go in healthy and in shape it’ll be much like the last (fight) but I won’t gas this time. As far as him going to the UFC I don’t think that’s the truth. But if he does, good for him. Im no hater. I’m pretty sure he won’t though. He did accept the fight but then he backed out and asked for more money. Then we got into the broken jaw story so who knows the truth.?”
Now Morgan will look to rebound with the massive Dakota Merritt (2-1) this weekend in the main event of Island Fights 36 in Pensacola, Florida. Dakota is the same height as NBA Superstar Lebron James and the argument can be made that he’s more muscular. Height isn’t a factor to Chaz and he feels he will dominate.
“Merritt is a really big guy. 6ft 6 or 6-8. He’s strong and ripped. Looks like a WWE wrestler. He was undefeated as an amateur. He’s had 1 loss as a professional. Not really a fight I wanted because of his lack of pro fights. But he’s a local from Pensacola so the fans want to see it. He’s pretty one dimensional. And I expect to dominate because my technical skills far out weigh his. I’ll take what he gives me and control the fight. Where ever it goes I’m confident I’m better. The fight will end with my hand raised. There’s a lot of ways to win. I don’t pretend to be psychic.”
Chaz is very humble on the possibility of a major future if he is to leave the victor this Saturday night and gives his praises to God, his family and his training partners.
“I don’t know what will come next. I’m definitely pushing for the rematch. But I’m just enjoying being me, enjoying my family and my career. Traveling and training. The UFC is just one of several avenues I’m looking at right now. I’m in no rush. What’s meant to happen will happen and it’s all in God’s hands. Just want to say thank you to all my sponsors who have helped me along my journey, including my family. And to my coaches and teammates at American top team, Alan Belchers, and team Manu. As well as the many other teams and schools I’ve had the honor of training with over the last few years. Martial arts is a journey and they all have played an important role in my process.”
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