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UFC FIghter Miesha Tate Needs To Accept Her No. 2 Role, Even Embrace It

Photo via mixedmartialarts.com

Miesha Tate is grumbling over the fact that she didn’t get a third title shot against Ronda Rousey. She is both right and wrong.

On one hand, not a lot of fighters would get a third title shot after being submitted twice. I can see why UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey wouldn’t get excited about a third fight.

But the truth is that Tate is probably the second-best women’s fighter on the planet. If anyone is going to be Rousey, it’s probably going to be Tate. Holly Holm might have a shot of knocking Rousey out, but it is extremely unlikely. The most likely scenario is for that fight to end like the others. Rousey closing the distance quickly and tapping Holm out.

Cris Cyborg might also have a shot of knocking Rousey out, but it is also unlikely. After several punches, Rousey would probably close the distances, throw Cyborg and tap her out too.

Rousey is just in a league of her own. Tate at least last three rounds with Rousey in their rematch. Tate has studied Rousey and if anyone knows how to beat her, it’s her. Tate probably isn’t going to make the same mistakes.

Can she beat Rousey? Probably not. But represents the biggest threat possible right now.

She has a right to be upset. If Tate were smart she would just keep fighting. She has an opportunity to be a legend in the UFC. We all know Mike Tyson was the best heavyweight in the world. But Evander Holyfield was also pretty good. There’s always room for a No. 2.

And who knows, Rousey coul leave for Hollywood, the WWE, or even get beat. Tate will be their waiting to take her spot if she plays her cards right. No. 2 isn’t so bad, when No. 1 is far ahead of everyone else.

  • Grant Davis

    If Rousey is so badass, step up to 140 and a catch weight fight with Cyborg! Dana White is the real pussy here!

  • Sonnodeldrago

    I’d love to join in on the Rousey/Tate/Cyborg debate, however, how can anyone take anything in this article seriously? It’s written so badly, with so many missing words, incorrect grammar, spelling errors, etc. that it’s far too distracting to gain any insight into the intended subject (Meisha Tate/MMA). How could such an exceedingly amateurish piece of writing get picked up by Google News?

    • srichey321

      Oh, stop it. The article is an opinion piece; besides, good grammar among fight fans (along with objective opinions) is an extreme rarity.

      • Sonnodeldrago

        You are just far more accepting of low standards than I am. I understand bad form in the comments section, in forums, or on message boards. However this is a published article, doing its worst to appear to be “journalism”. However, your opinion is your right & you are welcome to it, my dear. Life must be much easier when you don’t have to live up to any appreciable expectations or standards. Congrats 🙂

  • Aldo Palafox

    How do you post a story with so many grammatical errors?! Do you even bother proofreading? … I tripped out when I read you were “award winning.” I just can’t take the article or its writer seriously.. either he’s illiterate, and should take on a different career.. or he’s lazy… either way this article was atrocious. Just sayin…