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WWE’s Shawn Michaels Needs To Return At WrestleMania 32 Against Seth Rollins

Photo courtesy Shawn Michaels Facebook page

Forgot the fake pretense. It’s time for Shawn Michaels to return to the ring.

And there’s no better place than WrestleMania 32 in Texas. Michaels has said that he doesn’t want to break his promise to The Undertaker and return to the ring. That’s nonsense. No one cares.

A match between Seth Rollins and Shawn Michaels could be the match of the year, even if Michaels is not the performer he used to be. Michaels never “passed the torch” to the next guy in he business. Ric Flair passed the figurative torch to him. Michaels needs to pass it to Rollins.

Rollins could be as good as Michaels. one day. He’s certainly on the right track. The WWF could build an entire program around the old man proving he is still better than the rising star.

Of course, Rollins would need to win. But Michaels would be the star of the show for coming back and wrestling one more time, in his home area, getting the major ovation he deserves.

No one is going to hold a grudge against Michaels for returning for one big match to pass the torch. It’s not like he’s going to do a comeback match in TNA (Sorry, Flair). With a well-written program, Michaels could return to prove his manhood and save his legacy. Make the fans forget that he promised to never wrestle again. Imagine Michaels having to choose between breaking his promise and defending his legacy and his manhood?

How do you jumpstart this angle? Well, the easy way is to let Rollins insult Michaels’ family somehow, forcing Michaels to defend them. The more difficult way is to build the story around Rollins calling himself the new “Mr. WrestleMania” and the new “Showstopper.” Just have Rollins pick a fight with Michaels, his career and his legacy.

What if Rollins cut a promo every week on Michaels reminding Michaels of his troubled past. A “This Week in Shawn Michaels” career segment every week, where Rollins re-enacts moments from Michaels’ career.

How funny would it be if Rollins came out with “Nine guys from Syracuse,” only this time Rollins beats them up. Or maybe Rollins comes out one night and re-enacts the “I lost my smile” angle.

Michaels would have no choice, but to return and show Rollins who the real best wrestler in the world was.

Maybe Rollins could come out dressed in hunter garb and shoot a fake bear to show the crowd that apparently “All Michaels is man enough to do these days is shoot defenseless animals.”

There are many ways to jumpstart this angle.

Let’s go Shawn. All we are waiting on is you.

  • JJ

    Flair didn’t pass anything to Michaels. Michaels already had the torch. Besides Michaels spent his time from 2002 to 2010 passing the torch. The man is in his late forties – fifties, why does he have to risk his health just for a match he’ll lose. The man is retired, let him enjoy himself and his well deserved retirement.

  • theMorr1gan

    1. Michael’s legacy doesn’t need saving. He has an amazing legacy and is beloved by the fans and (most of) his peers.

    2. On the Oct. 19 RAW, in a spectacular promo, Michaels told Rollins that HBK never tried to be the next anyone and neither should anyone else in the locker room. Perhaps the media ought to take note and promote Rollins’ abilities as opposed to a very loose, almost wholly media manufactured, comparison to one of (if not THE) greatest of all time.

    3. JJ is right. Michaels had the torch before the Flair match. He spent a great deal of time in the post-career ending injury time (2002 – 2010) contributing to the rise of several stars and putting folks over – i.e. passing the torch.

    4. The plausible angle starts you’re suggesting have been done – with Michaels involved, no less. Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle started programs with HBK by calling out his “manhood” in the ring, saying he was washed up and they were better. Jericho v. Michaels 2008 feud involved his family, with his wife getting punched at SummerSlam. And the others? Way to prove that Rollins is nothing but a cheap knock off Shawn Michaels.

    5. The hunter suggestion is lame. It’s a lucrative second career for him, he gets to learn new skills, and it’s not an exploitive reality show like Hogan. It’s not worthy of bringing Michaels out of retirement.

    6. And speaking of his retirement. As much as I’d love to see Michaels in the ring again, I respect his decision to retire and stay that way. Michaels went out proving that he had the the same goods that allowed him to garner Match of the Decade, Feud of the Decade, Feud of the Year, Most Inspirational Wrestler, Wrestler of the Year, and 11 Match of the Year awards from PWI, 4 Matches of the Year, 2 Feuds of the Year, and more from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    The important element about his promise to the Undertaker is that Michaels cares. No one else’s opinion matters.